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Style# 48001

3-in-1 Parka™

Average rating of 91%
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Purpose Built

Engineered for unbeatable performance in rapidly changing climates, the 5.11® 3-in-1 Parka™ combines a high performance, all-weather, fully waterproof shell with a removable insulated liner that can be worn as a standalone jacket.

Features and Benefits

  • Hidden chest document pockets
  • Side Zippers for ventilation and access to sidearm
  • Shoulder mounted mic clips


  • High performance waterproof shell
  • Warm and breathable removable fleece liner
  • Removable ID panels on chest and back
  • TacTec System™ compatible
  • Hook and loop storm cuffs
  • Detachable hood
  • YKK® zippers
  • Imported

Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.6 average rating

(based on 54 reviews)

91 %

Absolutely outstanding!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Ken


I've owned a 3-in-1 parka now for just over 15 years, and it simply refuses to die! It's nice and warm in even the coldest conditions, it ventilates well with the huge pit zips, it's more than adequately waterproof and has easily enough pockets for all the gear you need to carry, and then some.

The best feature about this jacket though has to be the reliability. I've literally worn mine on thousands of occasions, for a total of thousands of hours, in all conditions, on and off duty. The zips all still work perfectly, the jacket is still waterproof, the velcro inside the chest pockets still works perfectly... I just can't see this jacket ever wearing out. If you need an incredibly tough jacket that you can depend on for years to come, and that has enough storage for all your EDC and/or duty gear, look no further. This has been worth everything I paid for it. Unhesitatingly recommended. Absolutely outstanding jacket.

Favorite Parka

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Ben


I love this parka. Combined it is extremely warm and weather proof. The shell by itself is great at blocking wind and keeping you dry. The fleece liner is warm and very comfortable. I have worn this in S+R situations and it did everything it is advertised to do. Is it a little bulky? sure, but when it comes to hands down warmth and ability to block the elements this parka is amazing. My only complaint is the front pockets. The angle is just not right to place you hands in. other than that it perfect.

Outstanding Product

 Rated 5.0 stars

From fyrout

from Dwight, IL

With liner, it is the warmest parka I have ever owned. I use it for emergency operations, mostly outdoors, for many hours at a time. Very warm and comfortable.

Excellent Choice

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Kaz

from Afghanistan

I've had this jacket for many years, and it is, by far, my favorite jacket. Extremely warm, and comfortable during the winter. I've used this jacket during military training in sub-zero enviroments and it has done its job well. Highly recommended

Most incredible parka ever

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Jack outdoorsman

from Rochester NY

This 511 parka exceeds all my expectations many times over. From its true size and I'm a big man (hard to fit) to its many features. It's built like a tank and yet when I'm wearing it I don't feel restricted or weighed down. Can go from the field to dinner out and it goes with anything. Guys your women will love the way you look. mine does. Thanks 511 for another home run product. You have a customer for life. Jack from Rochester NY

Another Good Product

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Watt

from Philadelphia, PA

I love every 5.11 product I've ever purchased, but I've noticed one thing that needs attention - the collar. Two of the four jackets I have have very tall collars which come up above my chin. This makes it extremely uncomfortable to zip all the way up to keep warm. The 3-in-1 and the Sabre jacket all have almost four inch collars. Zipping it all the way up rubs and irritates. Conversly, the Response jacket has about a two inch collar which is great. 5.11, you've got to pay attention to this issue.

Great Jacket...But Not Perfect

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Versatile

from LA

This is a great jacket, but not perfect. When all is said and done if I only had 1 jacket this would be it. This is due to the flexibility of the jacket to use with or without the liner, pockets to carry items, rain protection combined with warmth protection, and overall capabilities of the product.

The jacket is warm, has plenty of pockets, and excellent ways to ventilate. Great hood for added protection that hides in next pocket area. Very warm, great zippers, excellent rear coverage, good styling.

The not so good are the hand warmer pockets are cut in a non natural angle to put your hands in, the neck area is very bulky, and the jacket itself is bulky/big.

I would have rated this perfect if 1. you could utilize a smaller or thinner liner (seems easy to do if 5.11 offered another liner), 2. this would take care of the bulky area around the neck and overall bulkiness of the jacket and 3. fix the angle of the hand pockets.

Bulky, yet warm

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Joe

from Fort Worth, Texas

The 3-in-1 Parkas's best use is outdoor detail in very cold weather while you're standing around. I wore it on special ESPN detail in 18 degree weather during Superbowl week in Texas and managed to stay warm enough.
With the insulating liner, which is a stand alone jacket in its own right, it unfortunately is far too bulky to provide anything more than rudimentary mobility (think Ralphie's little brother in "A Christmas Story"). This makes getting in and out of a patrol car a tedious practice.
That said, I'm glad the 3-in-1 Parka is in my arsenal of foul weather gear. It is my go-to garment for off duty soccer game security, etc, where I will be required to stand outdoors in the cold for hours.
My best advice for making the jacket user friendly is this (assuming your G.O.s will allow):

1. Keep a spare gunbelt around with ONLY a holster on it for wear with this parka. You will not be able to reach anything else anyway. The added benefit is that bulk under the coat will be decreased dramatically.
2. Buy 5.11's Back up Belt System pouches for your remaining belt gear and place them in the parka's many pockets.
3. Buy a separate watch cap, facemask or balaclava (I use the Seirus Quick Clava). The 3-in-1 Parka's hood is uninsulated and will NOT keep your head warm.
4. This parka is not waterproof. Although it will keep a very little drizzle off your skin for a short while, reach for your rain coat when rain is what you've got. Mine quickly became saturated in steady rain not long after I got it.

3 in 1 Parka

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Kru Gary

from UK England

Ive had this jacket for over 3 years and it is just starting to fail with a few tears here and there. I mainly used it for Security work so its seen plenty of action.Ive used it in extreme cold wether and heavy down pours and it always kept me dry and warm .I use it mainly for every day wear now as its a great jacket with plenty of pockets.
A hand warm pocket would of been nice.
Its a profession jacket that looks good and stands up to the test of time.

This is my 3rd 3-in-1 Parka by 511..

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Dog Man

from Louisville, KY.

I use my 511 products for work every day. They last a long time and they are easy to clean. Great product.


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