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Style# 56096

3.6 Med Kit

Average rating of 49%

Purpose Built

A must have for both tactical operators and recreational outdoorsmen, the 3.6 Med Kit from 5.11 Tactical® keeps crucial first aid within easy reach at all times. A medical cross allows quick ID in urgent situations, a padded interior keeps contents secure and stable, and a one-handed Hot-Pull™ tab allows instance access. The exterior features a hook and loop flag patch and secure tourniquet storage, while the interior offers multiple organizer pockets sized for medical accessories.



  • Compact, secure, convenient
  • MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® compatible
  • First-aid specific internal pockets
  • One-hand accessible
  • Secure tourniquet storage



  • Durable nylon construction
  • Padded interior
  • Clearly marked with sewn-on medical cross
  • Hot-Pull™ tab for instant access
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 32 reviews)

49 %

Great pouch except...


From BammBamm


When I purchased this pouch, I did the research for the pouch I needed and one of the primary criteria was an identifiable red cross on the front because it will be used for Boy Scout outings with large amounts of people at camp. I saw the images advertised with the red cross as well as the video on the 5.11 site that stated "The prominent medical cross allows quick identification in urgent situations". So, naturally, I assumed it would come with the red cross, but it came with the black one you can't see from a distance. I called 5.11 and asked for a red cross instead, but was told "no, sorry". Beyond that, I love the pouch because it's perfect for what I need it for. I do agree about the Tourniquet pocket in the front being a little too snug. Yes, it fits, but not without sacrificing the life of the elastic.

Great IFAK kit for law enforcement, room for improvement


From Jake


I've had this pouch for about 8 months now and I take to work as my personal IFAK. I bought it just before the UCR range came out and I own the UCR IFAK too.

This med kit is designed for what is intended, a personal trauma kit and nothing else. In the front slot I have a ChitoSAM Gauze, in the middle I have an israeli bandage and in the rear I have 2 nightingale pads to use as a chest seal which is what my department uses. In the back strap there is space for some small scissors and a decompresion needle. This items are bulky. There is no chance you could make it any smaller or stick out less. The three internal pockets do hold the items tight and don't fall out. Because of the items, the opening tab system does not work well because the items inside are not flexible enough to allow for a pull but you can pull both zips down and the whole kit deploys.

Next, the front CAT holder, yes does hold a CAT but tight. It needs a tiny bit more of material to sit in snuggly without having to force it in. Because of how large is the CAT it covers the velcro space for your blood group patch, so you can't see it. That needs improving.

Things to improve on this pouch are the velcro positioning for the patch, enlarging the space for the CAT tourniquet, the tab opening system so it can be opened and the retention system for the items inside. They fit but it would retain better with bungies. I do like the kit as it can be placed on a belt without being huge although it does stick out. I can't really see a way you could make it smaller.

I'm also quite excited about the UCR IFAK, please see my review, but it's two big for a belt, but the design I find it pretty much flawless.

Love it


From Gary


No clue what these other people are crying about. Typical tough as nails materials, works as intended and holds my own personal medkit. Thanks 5.11!

Nice pouch but


From JEM


I really like the size of this pouch for a basic first aid kit (tape, gloves, decomp needle, compression bandage, tourniquet, and flat pack gauze). It is well built and I love the Slick Sticks on the back for attachment.

I do have two complaints. The front tourniquet pouch is too small to properly fit a CAT or SOF-T tourniquet. I have read the reviews and agree with those that said "You can make a CAT fit." I can make my CAT-T fit in it as well, but it is really, really tight. When you really need your TQ, you don't want to be struggling to pull it out of the pocket. The TQ needs to be deployed as quickly as possible. The front pocket does not allow for that. It needs to be about 1/2" wider and 1/4" deeper to properly work. 5.11 did not take into account that the wounded person may have a weakened grip, hands may be slippery from blood, etc.

The interior needs a better retention system, such as wide elastic. I understand that once you open it, you plan on using the contents. But it is hard to use your medical gear when you have to sort through it because it fell on the ground or you have to chase it down as it rolls away from you. This pouch has the possibility of delaying medical care at a crucial time. In the heat of the moment, you are not going to remember.... "Oh, my medical pouch doesn't have a proper retention system. I must be careful when opening it." You are going to want to tear into the pouch to get what you need to save yourself or another. In a stressful situation, especially when treating potentially life or death injuries, people do not always behave in a calm manner, especially if they have no or limited experience in dealing with such matters.

The purpose of this pouch, as advertised, is to hold basic first aid items and provide quick access to them. It does hold most basic items, and the pouch is easy to open, but it does not properly hold a TQ or retain its contents well once opened. With a few minor tweaks, this would make this a great pouch.

5.11 - please listen to your end-users and modify the pouch as many have suggested to have a wider/deeper TQ pouch and a better interior retention system.



From cpt atorresa colombian civil defence


i use only for trauma scissor, windows punch and gloves, the pockets inside did not not allow for too much play

Holds CAT Tourniqet if you do it right!



from Midwest


CAT Tourniquet goes in but it is tight. If you try and insert the tourniquet with plastic windlass keeper end first it will not fit. Seems like common sense but obviously a problem for some people. See my photos. That said 5.11 could easily adjust this pocket width to make life easier and to accommodate some of the newer tourniquets which are getting wider for better performance (ie the newest SOFT-T).

As for the pouch itself, it works pretty well on my EDC backpack and would work on my kit if I moved some things around. It sticks out a bit farther than I'd like though.

I would like to see 5.11 update the MOLLE attachment system on this pouch so it can be placed sideways as well as vertical and then I might carry it on my tac belt instead. It would also be nice if there was a version where the tourniquet pocket was on the side to reduce the profile a bit.

As others have said this is really for carrying the very basics to treat traumatic injuries. I managed to get combat gauze, 4" gauze roll, deco needle, NPA, two chest seals, Vaseline coated gauze, shears, and two pairs of Talon nitrile gloves in with no trouble. An Israeli bandage would be very tight but might be possible depending on what else you have in there. It's also been stated already, but if I tear this open I won't care about being able to stuff everything back in because I'll be worrying about other things.

The Velcro on the outside above the tourniquet pocket is perfect for a blood type patch.

Why they switched from a red cross to a pouch matching color is beyond me???

I am giving it 3 stars because this pouch, like many 5.11 products as of late, could be so much better with very minor tweaks. I don't think 5.11 is doing much field testing with diversified applications. I do like the size, specifically that it is much smaller than the 6.6 Med pouch but some adjustability with mounting would make it much better.

Its not that bad, not that great either.


From Ret. EMT

from Austin, Texas

When I brought product home, I realized right away that the pockets inside did not not allow for too much play nor did the outside pocket fit my tourniquet. Not wanting to return it, I placed a soft tourniquet inside along with an Israeli- style Bandage and a pair of gloves. The outside pocket holds a Mutliplier tool. The pockets I believe are the problem as they are fairly shallow. The kit does hold a rescue hook; however, not very comfortably. I still find it to be very useable and it is on my side when I am deployed to medical incidents.

On a personal note, does 5.11 have a designated trauma holster kit for EMT/ Paramedics?

It works great


From DHS

from Western US

I have this on my TAC Vest and it is the perfect size. For everyone that says it's too small and once you open it everything falls out you need the bigger med pouch. I have an issued GSW kit that fits perfectly and if i have to break it out I will not be trying to put stuff back. The issued kit contains Quick clot, small scisors, SWAT tourniqute, compress dresing, chest seal, gauze and gloves. So its good for self or buddy aid. It wasn't designed to be a full med kit. The cross on mine was black and I would have prefered red.



From Talon

from Orange Co, CA

This product is a good size, but not for the designed purpose of first aid. I use it as an accessory pouch for my flashlight, spare earbuds and power cords. I use the outside pouch for whatever (leatherman, powerbar, etc...)It attaches well to my 24-hour pack.



From Red

from JBLM, WA

I bought this thinking it would be a good addition to one of my bags and then had the joy of trying to fill it. After some frustration I turned to the internet and read a lot of hate. Part of me bought into the rage but the 68W (combat medic) challenged me to do better. And you know what, I managed to stuff a CAT TQ into the front pouch. I'll admit it was a bit difficult but after leaving it in for a few days and then drawing it, replacing it, repeat it became a decent fit. The inside fits the basic CLS list, albiet a bit cramped, but it's still in there. I like it for a slim fast IFAK.

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