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Style# 50102-50103

Appendix IWB Holster

(18 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Internal Waist Band (IWB) concealed carry holsters are popular with law enforcement and covert specialists around the country, and the 5.11® IWB Appendix Holster offers superior performance and lightweight comfort in any environment. Built in partnership with Blade-Tech® and Viking Tactics®, the Appendix carry holster is designed to ensure high speed access and a secure fit that won’t ride up during periods of high activity. Crafted from a heat and oil resistant high impact polymer, the 5.11 Appendix Holster can be worn front or back and offers an integrated light clip for secure storage of your tactical light.



  • Quick and comfortable IWB holster
  • Fast draw, secure carry
  • Engineered by Blade-Tech®
  • Field Tested by Viking Tactics®



  • Heat and oil resistant high impact polymer
  • Can be worn front or back
  • Integrated tactical light clip


Ratings and Reviews


(based on 18 reviews)

77 %


Awesome holster, Great price

By Dipp


I bought this holster around 2 months ago for a 40c, and I’ve got to say that I love it. It is everything I was looking for and at a great price. I carry appendix and find this holster extremely easy to conceal, I am 6'1" 185 and wear fairly tighter fitting clothes, and still have no issue with concealment. It is very comfortable, and I feel very confident with that the holster will stay in place when drawing. I have done quite a few practice draws to test the belt clip, and the design of the clip and the under bight on it are great! I found it works best with a 1.5" belt and stays directly wear you put it. The retention is fixed, but is just about right. In all I give a 5 star for the overall quality and price.
5.11 delivers another great product.


Decent IWB Holster

By Jake


The holster's mold is well made. The safety guard can dig into your side, but an undershirt fixes the problem. The biggest drawback is the clip. When drawing from concealment, the clip tends to catch the shirt unless you intentionally control the shirt around the clip. A two-hand draw works, but when drawing with one hand, it can be very difficult to prevent the snag.


Appendix Carry

By Jake

from Weatherford, Texas

Great holster. I own 2 now, one for a Glock 26 and now one for my Glock 19. I shaved down the one I use for my 26 to make it just a little shorter. The edges on the holster are a little aggressive and could use a more "hand molded" feel to make it more comfortable and slightly lower profile. BladeTech does this with there IWB holsters of similar design.
Other than that, Its my favorite concealable holster by far.


Good concealment holster

By G-man

from Washington DC

Takes a little getting used to, but overall a nice holster that feels solid and works well as an ITWB holster.


I need

By Rick

from Mid California

I wish you made this for my P220!!!!!
Then life would be good.


Very Simple and Comfortable

By Brian

from MN

So far I am quite happy with this holster. It took me a bit to get used to an Appendix IWB carry however I have found it to be much more concealable than any of the IWB or OWB holsters I have used to date. It is a very simple design, and works well. Retention is positive with my S&W M&P 40c, and the weapon stays firmly in place even with more active movement.

The only concern I have, and it is quite minor is that the very bottom of the metal belt clip occasionally hangs up when lifting my cover clothing up, and out of the way. This again is very minor, and with a number of practice draws I have learned to work around any potential "snags" that may occur.


Great product

By bear

from Linden,Mi

perfect fit for my m&p 9c.feels comfortable to wear all day.easy quick acess.


Would not recommend for S&W M&P


from MALDEN, MO.

The holster is well built but it is a little uncomfortable to wear. I would not recommend buying this holster for a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. The way it is designed it presses against the magazine release on the gun a releases the mag. with little pressure applied. If you buy it for the M&P you will need to make your own modifications to it to safely carry it in this holster.


A great inexpensive AIWB solution.

By Jason

from FL

I don't get some of the low ratings this holster has recieved here. The reviewers seem to be inexperienced with this style of carry, which can be highly body type dependant, and clearly is not for everyone.

This holster has good retention when you wear your belt snuggly.

As far as discomfort from the top or bottom portions, this is largely body type dependant as mentioned above, however I do recommend trimming the corner near the rivets, and applying some foam backing to tuck the grip in a tad more, which also aids in the comfort level.

It is quite comparable to my CCC Shaggy's, without the lengthy lead times.


Way too tight, never thought I'd say it!

By Ld

from Boston, MA

S&W 40C model. Looks good, rugged enough, but it's way too tight!! Insertion is fine, but it takes two hands to remove the gun. Not acceptable for concealment purposes... Hope it's just this model. Add on the two week delivery time--no thanks

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