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Style# 74332

Covert Khaki 2.0 Pants

(73 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Built with end-user feedback, the Covert Khaki 2.0 Pant incorporates a subtle and functional design that blends easily into the background, springing into action to provide superior tactical performance when it matters most. Crafted from durable and comfortable 7.25 oz. poly/cotton twill, and styled to appear like a normal pair of khaki or black dress pants for men, the Covert Khaki 2.0 hides an arsenal of tactical features like hidden side seam pockets sized for 30 round AR magazines. A Teflon® treatment resists stains, spills, and soil, while permanent creases and enhanced fade and wrinkle resistance ensure a clean, professional profile at all times. Ideal for covert ops or CCW casual wear, Covert Khaki 2.0 tactical dress pants keep you ready for anything.



  • Subtle, stylish, and ready for anything
  • Hidden side seam cargo pockets
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
  • Button-close rear pockets
  • Fade and shrink resistant
  • Teflon treated for spill and stain resistance



  • 7.25 oz. poly/cotton twill
  • Flat front design
  • Post cured with permanent creases
  • Reinforced Belt Loops
  • Machine washable


Ratings and Reviews


(based on 73 reviews)

80 %


Worth the money



If you stay in your career long enough, you'll eventually become a "suit." Throw a long sleeve shirt and a tie on over these and you are ready to be the professional required by your assignment but the extra pockets allow you to be prepared for battle. By far my favorite pants to wear at work.


close enough to pass as uniform pants

By Fudd

from Quadcites Ill.

If you take a minute to iron them, and put a bit of a crease in them, they pass for a comfortable pair of uniform pants with extra stoage. Unfortunately our uniforms are midnight navy and I do get corrected for wearing the black ones. If you add midnight navy to the color options I will definitely purchase several more pairs of pants



By Mike E

from Grand Rapids, Mi


I purchased 3 pairs of these khakis in 2 separate orders. After 4-5 months of daily wear, my wife noticed that the back of the pants were starting to 'pill'. So being curious, i reached out to 511, within a few hours i received a response from Lisa. After sending pictures, Lisa agreed to replace all 3 pairs of my khakis at no charge, she even agreed to overnight them to me, as these were the only khakis that I have (clearly i like these!). After about 1-2 months of wearing the replacement khakis, now these 3 pairs are starting to 'pill', I have followed the wash instructions to a T, not sure what would be causing this.

I decided to let Lisa know that this was happening again, because they told me several times that this should not be happening. After just getting off the phone with Lisa, they are now blaming it on me rubbing up against something! REALLY??? I have worn several other brands of Khakis and NEVER have had this issue.

I work in an office, and do visit customers on a daily basis, but cannot think of anything i have "rubbed" up against to cause this. I do get in and out of my car a lot, again, cannot think this would cause the 'pilling' to happen.

Unfortunately, this one is my fault, so it seems like 511 is unable to do anything for me, but i feel that other potential purchasers need to be aware of this. These really are great khakis, very comfortable, nice fit, plus the hidden pockets are a bonus. I will not be buying these again, and would not recommend to anyone else


I bought Tan and Black

By Beardly Man

from Southern Virginia

I bought the tan and the black versions of this pant... I was disapointed that the fabric was not the same fabric used in the cargo pants. It looks like a normal khaki fabric, which I am concerned will wear down like normal khaki fabric does :( The tan pair is my favorite, It makes a good replacement for dress slacks, I just wish the fabric was something more industrial. They feel good, with the exception they are a little wide at the ankle, but hey Im short and slim so that might not be a problem for larger guys. If you buy the black pair, be sure you buy a lint roller, geezy wheezy louigi - those are a lint magnet, which, again if they were made from the same material as the cargo pants, that wouldnt be a problem.


Covert Khaki 2.0

By Jason

from Las Vegas, Nv

I started to CCW about two years ago. Since then, I've been trying to learn how best to dress around my firearm. The rule of thumb is to go a size bigger. The problem is then they are also bigger everywhere else! These pants fixed that by incorporating an elastic waistband. Now if I have my AWIB holster or not, they still have a perfect fit! I also like that they hid most of the pockets so they look like normal dress pants. Now I can have the benefit of a tactical pant without the look and extra attention. I am extremely happy with my purchase!


Would not order again

By RogerD

from Whitman County, WA

I planned to use as a casual carry. I found it had to be ironed before each use, as it easily wrinkled. The worst part is is gathers hair and lint like a magnet. After about 10-15 wearings, the waist button came off.



By stewj21

from KY

My previous review in March referred to velcro fasteners on the back pockets. That is incorrect on these pants. Sorry but I got them confused with the tactical cargo pants. These pants have buttoned back pockets like any other casual or dress pants.


Comfortable Pants With Good Storage

By Behind Enemy Lines

from New York

Very good pants for those who need to carry items without being noticed.

These have become my daily wear pants. Extremely comfortable.

Two suggestions:
1) Hidden knife pockets on inside front pockets.
2) Snap closure vs. button.

Would give 5 stars if pants had the enhancements above.


Nice Pants for Business Casual Wear

By John S.

from Bowling Green, KY

I bought these pants and a pair of the covert cargo pants just to check out the difference. The covert khaki pants are a better value for me as they are closer to a pair of dress pants. They do not have the front pocket behind the pocket however do have the concealed pockets on each leg and the regular pockets are plenty deep for CCDW or whatever you want to put in them. The hidden expandable waist band works well for IWB holsters. The back pockets close by small velcro pieces which aren't obvious. The pants are very comfortable and fit similar to other popular brand khaki pants. I prefer these over the covert cargo pants.


Definitely worth the money.

By Drew

from San Francisco, CA

I use these pants daily for work. With as much walking and moving around as I do for 8 hours 5 days a week, these are great! They won't shrink or fade after you wash them over and over again.

The permanent crease does start to flatten out a bit, but after going over it with an iron it regains its shape. Also the additional side pockets are smaller than the actual open side pockets. The most you can put into it is your iPhone or something of similar size without having it look like a bulge sticking out the side of your leg.

Overall, they are great pants and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for that business look while remaining comfortable and casual.

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