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Style# 74332

Covert Khaki 2.0 Pant

Average rating of 80%
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Purpose Built

Consider these your "smart khakis". Covert Khakis 2.0 present a clean, creased front for office work, court day, or plainclothes duty. Made from polyester/ cotton twill, featuring a self-adjusting waistband, hidden side-seam pockets, seat pockets, a Teflon® finish, and a permanent crease, you'll look sharp, feel comfortable, and be ready for anything - a wedding, a round of golf, a night on the town, desk duty. Anything. Regular khakis don't do that for you. Regular khakis don't do anything for anybody.



  • Clean, professional tactical khaki pants
  • Ideal for professional and covert environments
  • Extra pockets sized for tactical use



  • 7.25 oz. polyester/ cotton twill fabric
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
  • Button-close seat pockets
  • Hidden side-seam pockets
  • Teflon® finish
  • Post-cured with a permanent crease
  • Machine-washable
  • Imported

Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 89 reviews)

80 %



From Sean


Really great pants, cut a little bigger which is good without alot of extra crouch. Only down side is the lack of color. Wish there was a grayish color.

Great pants, extremely happy.


From B. Walter


Very happy with these pants. I ordered one of each color. I work in an office and they look like a pair of nice khakis. They're actually more comfortable than the khakis I typically buy. I've only had them for a few days but the quality looks excellent. They don't look at all like a tactical pant. In fact you really don't notice the size zippers at all.

I did take off one star for two rather small reasons:

1. You need more colors. If you add a navy and olive I think you would be set.

2. PLEASE make the back pockets about 1/2" wider! If you did that you would open up these pants to a whole world of pocket carriers! ONe of the big reasons I decided to try these pants is that I like to pocket carry a Sig P290 and I was hoping the pockets would be a little wider than a standard khaki. In most khakis, the back pocket is too narrow to pocket carry even the smallest 9mm. You really have to go down to a Sig 238 or Ruger LCP. If these pants had slightly wider, and a hair shallower back pockets they would fit several 9mm include my 290, the Sig 938, Kimber Solo, etc.

Considering the fact that these are meant to be "Covert", being designed to "back pocket carry" would seem to be a great marketing feature for these pants.

I've searched high and low and have not been able to find a good pair of khakis for a small 9mm back pocket carry. The fact is, with most khakis, even an LCP is a bit snug.

Great Quality


From Bradley


I bought 2 pairs 2 years ago for daily work wear as an SRO, and I am very pleased with the durability of the pant. After owning my first 2 pairs for about 30 days of wear, I ordered 2 more pairs. All in all I have been rotating the 4 pairs daily now for over 2 years. The permanent crease is still intact, but some of the water repellent has deteriorated, after 2 years of wear and washing i would expect that, It's time to order another 2 pairs due to wear and tear. Comments about the hidden zippers not being trusted due to the possibility of the zipper opening because they zip up has not been an issue with my pants, The zippers are durable and tight...they have never opened without me accessing the pockets. I have been happy with the relaxed fit and the professional appearance these khakis have provided. I have never had a static cling issue with these, I follow the washing instructions religiously and line dry the pants after each wash, just to increase the longevity of the pant.

Good Feel


From James


I enjoy the styke pant alot, and found that the covert also fits well. I would like to see more colors to choose from.

Great Pants


From Lonnie


They are great pants, the material is thick and they look good. I don't think anyone will know they are not regular khaki pants.

Not Bad


From Chris L


I like the fit and obviously the elastic waist line. They have a very nice crease and after several washes they have surprised me in not losing that crease or any discoloration. (I have been washing them inside out as noted) with other colored pants and shirts. Leg pockets are great and the zippers hold up nicely. However! they are static nightmares. I have to literally spray them every morning with static guard. I can walk by cat and it will literally stick to me, dust and dirt cling to them as well. They are a bit itchy on the inside. I highly recommend the Ridgelines over the Khakis If you have the budget.

Good Fit and comfort


From Mike


Overall the look of the pants are very good. No one can tell that these are not your typical khaki office pants, unless you notice the small zipper handles. Which blend in very well. They wash up very good and need no ironing. My wife is even impressed with them. The only thing I would probably change is to make the watch pocket a little bigger.

Not as good as the old style


From Bigronbo


I bought 8 pair of the old style because of CCP carry. my S&W 9MM M&P fits perfectly in he inner pocket and the zipper keeps the gun in in any position. my kodiac pants which I love for the inner pocket are great but it doesn't have a zipper so at some positions you may be able to seethe clip end when the pocket is open. I like the durability of he cotton canvase design not the polyester. to not have the inner pocket for my gun I would not buy these pants just or that loss.

Very Nice


From SA TC


The Covert Khakis have become my go to casual pants. They fit well, are comfortable and very stylish. They pair well with my 5.11 covert shirts as well as my Reyn Spooner aloha shirts.

Spoiled by Covert Cargo Pants v1.0


From Tom


I find the Covert Cargo Pants v1.0 to be excellent and exactly what I need, but they do not come in a dressy, black version, so I bought a pair of v2.0 and I am disappointed.

Overall v2.0 is well made and fits well and the price is fair, so I will not be sending them back, but...

In v2.0 are only two hidden pockets (compared to four in v1.0), the pockets are small by comparison, there are no secondary pockets in the hidden pockets, and the zippers close in the up position, making them more likely to open unintentionally putting the contents at risk of falling out.

The zippers on the lower pockets in v1.0 also close in the up position, but they are bigger, and the secondary, inside pockets have the benefit of helping to secure the contents. For example, my passport fits perfectly in the lower, secondary pockets of v1.0, so even if the pocket were to come open, the passport remains secure. I will not risk putting anything of value in the hidden pockets of v2.0, which defeats the purpose of the hidden pockets.

I own three pairs of v1.0. When 5.11 makes a pair of v1.0 in black or dark blue (or both), I will buy them. I will not buy another pair of v2.0, as the two are not even equal, much less an improvement.

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