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Style# 56973

COVRT™ Tech Sleeve

Average rating of 72%

Regular Price: $17.99

Special Price $11.99

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Purpose Built

Designed to store and protect your mobile device or iPod, the COVRT™ Tech Sleeve integrates seamlessly with all 5.11® COVRT™ packs.

Features and Benefits

  • Store and protect your mobile device or iPod
  • Attaches to 5.11® COVRT™ bags
  • MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® compatible


  • Durable all-weather nylon
  • 4.75” H x 2.75” L x 1.25” D storage compartment
  • 16 cubic inch total capacity
  • Quick-ID Badge holder at front
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 13 reviews)

72 %

Works well.


From Carson


Got a Samsung battery pack for my phone. It fits perfectly inside, and I can cram a small power brick and usb cable inside incase that runs out as well. Integrates easily with the COVRT pack, just wish it had more accessories.

Perfect...for something.


From Rick


Yes its to small for a phone. But it hold 3 Glock 43 mags perfectly. Perfect for other items than what its intended for. Luckily I have the matching Covert Carry Backpack in the same color.

So Close


From Rich

from Hailey, ID

I really wanted this to work for my Motorola Droid Razr. It was so close. Less than 1" longer and it would fit. The width was perfect. Looks really good on my Covrt 18 pack. It is great quality and the colors match perfectly. I will keep it for other than my phone. If 5.11 would make a slightly larger one, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Please continue developing accessories for the Covrt series.

Way to Short for Smart Phones


From Marshall

from Pensacola, FL

I have a Motorola RaZR Maxx HD and this case is at least an inch to short to use for the phone. My phone is not any larger than many of the smart phones available to day and it does not even come close to fitting. If it is going to be advertised for Smart Phones, it should fit them. It would also help if they posted the size of the item on the website. It is well made and would be a great addition if the phone would fit. Having to return the item to the shipper.

Nicely made but really small.


From Mil-PSD-Fed Age

from Left Coast

I was really looking forward to this pouch to carry my Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone on the outside of my COVRT 18 backpack. However I cannot fit my phone into this pouch unless I strip it out of its protective case (Not many people carry a Smartphone without a protective case) and even then it will not zipper and close. Unless I received a dud pouch that was just made too small this thing should be called the COVRT I-phone pouch. The dimensions should really be listed on the item page for these pouches. I love 5.11 gear and will stand by them now and in the future but I am disappointed in this pouch. 1/4 of an inch each way and this pouch would be perfect. Didn't mind the price initially but now since it will not work for my mobile device I feel like I overspent. A bubblegum protector it shall be.

Great for odds n ends, not IPod


From SeanO

from Seattle, WA

Not sure what 5.11 was thinking here. I love the COVRT pack, but this thing is a dud. Maybe an LEO would have a use for the front ID pocket and strap, but they're useless for anything else. There's no easy way to remove the ID strap and the ID pocket doesn't close so you can't use it to store ear buds or anything else you would miss if used externally.

The pouch itself will NOT fit an IPod with a set of ear buds attached. Yes, an IPod will fit within but what good is it if you cannot then actually USE the IPod? Um, this is only the most ubiquitous music player out there, you'd think they would have designed it with listening in mind and not just storage. It's also not waterproof, especially if you leave the one zipper ΒΌ open so you can actually use the IPOD, so attaching this to your shoulder straps or anywhere on the outside of the pack is no good in the PNW.

This may fit smart phones, but not MY smart phone. Droid X's and their offspring will not fit. My IPod cover fits snugly in this thing in all directions and it's 4 5/8" X 2 3/4" X 3/4", so that's the inside dimensions with the zipper closed.

Bottom line: I will likely use this to keep my IPod from bouncing around INSIDE my pack, cut off the ID holder and shove my ear buds inside the sleeve and hope they stay inside. Other than that, a total waste of money.

Not well thought out.


From JV3499

from Pittsburgh, PA

Once again, a great idea that needs refinement from actual field use. First, it is too small. Really too small. I have a simple smart phone with a ballistic cover and I can not find a single case for it. It is too big to go in a pocket so I need something for my belt, I wish this was the answer but it is 1" too small in length and height. The pull out badge tab is an awesome idea but without a means to secure it to my belt it is flipping useless. Geez, folks it is in a nice unnoticeable color scheme but I do not have a reliable means to easily secure it on a civilian belt. It would have been grand to have this on my belt giving me access to my cell and badge, both are extremely important for serious encounters and more likely to be used than my off duty firearm. Oh well, how about making an easy belt to what ever this velcro stuff is on the back of this pouch, make it bigger and you have a winner. Until then, it is too big for speedloaders and too small for everything else.

COVERT Tech Sleeve


From Steve

from UK

A very well made and thoughtout addition to the COVERT Series.

Just short of five-starts


From Lobo

from NJ

Only one thing keeps this from being a five-star item: it's too small for some newer smartphones.

I bought this intending to use it with my Motorola Photon. It has a 4.3" screen, which is becoming increasingly common. Unfortunately, the Photon doesn't fit in the case, especially if it has a case on it.

I would like 5.11 to consider making a larger version of the same pouch, keeping intact the features this one has. A lot of carriers are making larger phones, and a lot of tactical users may use protective cases like the Otterbox Defender series to keep their phones safe.

The existing size is good for some smartphones, but I would say it wouldn't really work if it's larger than a typical iPhone.

Nice addition to the COVRT 18


From jmedic

from Missouri

A very nice pouch and the perfect size. I mounted it on the QuickTact straps on my COVRT 18 backpack and love it. I can put my minitor 5 pager or iphone 4s with defender otterbox case without a problem

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