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Style# 59245

Field Ops Watch

Average rating of 64%

Purpose Built

Built to provide law enforcement officers and tactical operators with a reliable timepiece that stands up to tough environments while providing a high level of functionality, the Field Ops Watch is the ultimate duty/tactical/military watch. With our unique 5.11® SureShot® calculator, the Field Ops watch allows you to calculate point of impact solutions from up to 1,000 meters out in MILS, TMOA, or SMOA. A high-density polycarbonate case and scratch-resistant mineral crystal face offer lasting durability, a backlight toggle provides low light functionality, and an anti-glare coating ensures a low profile. Additional features on the Field Ops SureShot® watch include water resistance to 100 meters, an extended wristband that allows wear over gloves or jackets, an omnidirectional bezel, and an integrated digital compass.


  • State of the art ballistic watch
  • SureShot® calculator
  • Extended wristband for wear over gloves or jacket
  • Backlight toggle
  • Integrated digital compass
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • 5.11 Tactical® Watch Service and Repair


  • High-density polycarbonate case
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal face
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Omnidirectional bezel
  • Multiple chronometers and audible alerts
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 144 reviews)

64 %

Very Durable


From Hank


One tour and with held harsh conditions. Very Nice

Eating Crow


From Adam


Hello everyone, I have posted three remarks about this product and the customer service that I received. Well with the bad comes the good, I have just had a positive interactions with a service manger by the name of Matthew and due to his superior customer service has shown me my mistakes in assuming and judging that the small sampling of my interactions isn't what 5.11 Tactical is all about. I'm truly sorry for taking my frustrations out in this forum and owe an apology to Janelle and the 5.11 Team. I do enjoy their product and this watch I wear everyday.

Do Not Buy


From Brian


I am a huge 5.11 fan and have found that their clothing wears like I need it to, however they are NOT in the watch business. My watch casing broke while under warranty. They fixed it without a problem, but it should not have broken. It is now out of warranty and the band broke and I need a battery change. It costs more than $50 to get a battery replaced by their exclusive repair place who just refused to sell me the gasket. Very disappointed, I will never buy another accessory from 5.11 again.

Do not purchase


From Adam


The company doesn't support it's own warranty

There are better options out there.


From Chuck


The watch itself would be great, if it were in a case made of anything but plastic. The watch bands have to be replaced almost yearly, and the case will have to be replaced every 2 years. (Used to be covered under warranty, but will use any trick to get out of it)



From Sean


I have had this watch for about 6 years, I love it, I don't agree with the having to send it in for a battery change, I have been changing them myself since the warranty wore out, the O-Ring has dry rotted and they want me to buy another one... This is exactly why I have switched to buying LA Police Gear pants, great quality at a 3rd of the price. Will be buying Suunto watches from now on.

Battery is terrible, I dont recommend


From Jason


The 1st one I purchased arrived with a dead battery. The 2nd one they sent me the batttery only lasted about 4-5 months and now I have to send it off to another company to get battery replaced. I would not purchase this watch until they work out what the problem is with the battery and/or make it so you can replace the battery yourself. Its a bummer cause I like the watch other than that.



From Matt


I bought this watch in 2012, since the case where the band connects to the watch face has broken twice. 5.11 uses an outside shop to do the repairs but will not warranty the watch. I see, based on other reviews that this watch has a reoccurring problem of breakage in the case. Second, the watch bands wear out quickly. They basically rot and depending on what color you ordered, they never have the replacement bands in stock. During my first repair, they changes my entire watch from black to green because they did not have parts available. Then when the green band broke again, they had no green replacement bands in stock. This watch has great function, but it really gave me a bad taste about 5.11. They normally put out better products than this and usually STAND BEHIND THEM. Not so in this case.

perfomens i never se anyware,it so good


From san

from dubai

in the rain and desert ,,,,,,,,,performing day by day



From ryan

from DC

I was given the watch as a gift at Xmas. The compass stopped working withen a week. Withen a month, the frame holding the retention pin for the wrist band broke when taking the watch off my wrist. I sent the watch in for repair as per the warranty. I was charged $120 for the fix and it took 4 months to get the watch back. The compass STILL did not funtion and within 2 months, the watch broke in the exact same spot doing the exact same thing. An awful product from an otherwise great company.

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