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Style# 40011

Holster Shirt

Average rating of 88%
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Purpose Built

Available exclusively from 5.11 Tactical®, the Men's Holster Shirt is designed to provide a quick, comfortable, and covert solution for concealed carry wear in casual or off-duty environments. Highly durable fabric pockets under each arm provide plenty of space for a compact handgun, extra magazines or speedloaders, and firearm accessories, while an integrated shoulder yoke evenly distributes firearm weight to maximize accessibility and maintain freedom of movement. In addition, this premium quality holster shirt for men features a layer of outer mesh fabric that disrupts the outline of your firearm to maintain a covert profile in any situation. Moisture wicking technology and a padded neoprene inner layer keep you cool, comfortable, and in control throughout your day.



  • Twin shoulder pockets for your sidearm and accessories
  • Hook and loop fasteners keep gear secure
  • Outer mesh layer keeps you covert
  • Inner padded neoprene layer for comfort
  • Moisture wicking technology



  • Poly/spandex blend
  • Integrated shoulder yoke distributes weight
  • Form-fitting fabric
  • Strengthened seams
  • Bartacking at key stress points
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 183 reviews)

88 %

Small Neck


From bam


HOLY COW this thing is tight! I realize it's compression fit, but I think I will go with at least one size larger. Maybe two larger than my regular size. The neck hole is VERY SMALL! Better get a V neck.

Glad I Bought it!


From John


Ist time I put it on (XL and I am XL) thought it maybe a bit to tight and constraining. Wore it all day in 35 degree weather cutting firewood deep in the woods. Didn't sweat, kept warm, comfortable no problems. Carried a Ruger LC9 which stood upright the whole time. Kept checking the velcro to make sure it didn't fall out with all the bending I was doing. Sat there perfect all day....very impressed.



From Mark


I have tried everything and thes shirts rock I carry 92fs beretta and all day and night and I forget it's there the shirt rules and for me works well and I bought 4 more thanks 511 great product :-)

Good shirt - things to be aware of though


From Mooseman


I own three of these type shirts:
black tank top style with crew neck, white t-shirt with crew neck and white t-shirt with V neck. By far, my favorite is the t-shirt V neck. It's comfortable, and less noticeable than the other two. The crew neck shirts tend to be less cool because the collar retains more heat and humidity near my body. I live in Florida, so that's a big deal to me. The crew collar stands out if you wear the shirt below another shirt int he Florida head. Have to use a V neck for that. Lastly, the stitching inside the shoulders of the tank top is scratchy to the point of distraction. The shirt would be better if it were V neck / low neck and stitching was smoother. All three help move moisture away from the body, stay cool, and are good for long days of wear, even successive days in a pinch. The pouches will hold decent sized firearms. But if you are carrying a full size .45 or another similar sized large firearm, don't lean over. It will fall out!!
These are all good shirts and a great way to carry concealed. Just be sure to pick the right one for you.

Not for me


From Douglas


I really wanted this to work, as the idea of this level of concealment is great. I bought a large holster undershirt and the sleeveless holster undershirt in large, as I normally wear a large. It was almost suffocating, but did hold the G26 in place well. I had to take it off, as it was just too constricting. Then ordered an undershirt in the XL size. This size felt more comfortable, but then the pistol sagged and bulged out through the garment and dress shirt. Also, the multiple layer areas of the shirt that support the holster portion were clammy and made me sweat within a few minutes. Not working for me.

Practical, Durable, Properly Sized


From Anthony


I bought my holster shirt from a retailer that sells 5.11 equipment and supplies. I had read reviews here and was prepared for a tight fit, so I bought at 2XL. If you're on the cusp between XL and XXL, go with the larger size.
I really like the way the XXL fits. It's snug, but not uncomfortable. I can put a Glock 19 into the holster without any problem. I do not think a 17 would fit. I do not think my Sig P229 would fit. But my 19 and my 26 both fit and both conceal well with the holster shirt.
I often wear an insulin pump and I put my insulin pump in the left hand pocket. I put a Glock 26 in the right hand pocket, and I can slip an extra mag below the 26 quite easily. If you're wearing that one pair of pants you can't quite get your IWB holster into, the holster shirt is an excellent tradeoff. It is far more comfortable than a belly band, offers easier access to the firearm, and perhaps most importantly, is much more secure than a belly band. I'm a pretty big guy, and I have some gut on me. But I have no trouble concealing with this setup. If you do not like spandex or polyester, this may not be for you. But it has become a favorite of mine.

Great multi-purpose shirt


From Chadwick


I recently bought this shirt to wear on a multi-country vacation. I spent weeks traveling through London, southern Spain, and Casablanca. In London and Casablanca I used this shirt for securely carrying valuable items. I was easily able to store large sums of four different currencies, two passports, a wallet full of credit cars, and important documents in the two under-arm pockets of this shirt. I felt like this was far more secure than the around the neck wallet I've tried in the past and it held more stuff more comfortably. I carried a decoy wallet in my back pants pocket for added security. I wore just a t-shirt over this holster-shirt and it was very easy to lift the t-shirt and access my secure items in the two pockets relatively discreetly. If somebody had caught on to what I was doing and wanted to steal my items, they would have to kick my ass to get them because there would be no way for somebody to get into these pockets without me knowing about it. If you're going on an international vacation, I consider this shirt an absolute MUST HAVE! I will never again travel without it! I've been extremely happy with almost every 5.11 product I own, and this shirt is no exception.



From Fred


First off this is a compression shirt. It needs to be to keep the weapon from "sagging". If you are use to loose clothes this is not for you. My beef with the product is the depths of the pocket(s). It seems to be made for a full size weapon. My compacts just slide through the Velcro and bury themselves at the bottom. Had they added a Velcro strip about halfway down and across the interior of the pocket so you can adjust for the size of weapon it would be much more functional. As for carrying extra mags etc. again the depth of the pockets make them difficult to extract, its more like a fishing expedition.

best on market


From turkey


I agree , I would like to have a sleeveless v-neck, I have purchased three of these and wear them all the time.Gave one to my son as a gift and he wears it. I made one a v-neck and cut the sleeves off cause they do tend to get warm. I also agree with another customer as far as the two velcro patches.wearing out after awhile. I had a XDS come out one day and hit the floor. Just need to improve the closures and keep an eye on on the velcro that there is no lint on them otherwise they work good. I like I can carry my XDS or full size XDM on one side and and extra mags. on the other. Great product and I've tried other brands that just don't work. 5:11 I recommend but I would like to get a sleeveless v-neck for my next one.

Great product but bad customer service and price


From James


Great holster shirt but you can find other comparable holster shirts for half the price. Even still with that I would have given this product 4 stars BUT I had an issue with another product ordered, and because of the terrible customer service by 5.11 I can't recommend ANYONE put themselves at risk to have to deal with this company.

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