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Each month 5.11 will feature a unique patch. You can collect each month’s patch by spending $100.00 or more THIS MONTH. Once THE ALLOTED AMOUNT OF PATCHES HAVE BEEN “COLLECTED” THE PATCH IS RETIRED TO THE ARCHIVES! GET YOURS WHILE YOU CAN.

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Secret Service Snatch Test

S.S.S.T. / 511037

Created to test the mental and physical fitness of Secret Service agents attempting to join the Counter Assault Team (CAT), the Secret Service Snatch Test (S.S.S.T.) is a brutal 10 minutes of max effort kettlebell snatches for reps. In looking for “something to push the operators past their physical pain threshold while forcing them to maintain their situational awareness,” the kettlebell snatch was the perfect choice. It requires the mental dexterity to concentrate on proper form and the fortitude to keep it up for ten minutes.

Our patch this month celebrates the efforts, both mental and physical, of our United States Secret Service, as they protect and serve our nation. See the video above should you decide to test your limits. Be warned, the S.S.S.T. is an advanced challenge even for the elite.

Use Promo Code: POTM037

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