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Style# 11010

5.11 RECON® Urban Boot

Average rating of 62%

(17 Reviews)

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Regular Price: $139.99

Special Price $97.99

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Purpose Built

Crafted from durable ripstop nylon, suede, and HELCOR® leather, the 5.11 RECON® Urban Boot delivers superior comfort, agility, and control in a variety of urban tactical environments. A molded exoskeleton, full-length CMEVA midsole, and nylon shank provide structure and stability, while an OrthoLite® insole enhances comfort. The toe guard and covert tactical pocket add practical utility, and arch lugs, climbing lugs, and an 8mm heel-to-toe drop promote traction and acceleration. Peak performance when it matters most, time after time.



  • Excellent all-around tactical boot
  • Ripstop nylon, suede, and leather construction
  • Rope Ready™ zone and lugs for enhanced traction



  • 8 mm heel-to-toe drop
  • OrthoLite insole
  • Full-length CMEVA midsole
  • Nylon shank
  • Molded exoskeleton
  • Ripstop nylon, suede, and HELCOR leather
  • Covert tactical pocket
  • Rope Ready zone
  • Toe guard
  • Arch lugs
  • Climbing lugs
  • Supports 5.11® Blood Type Patch Kit

Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 17 reviews)

62 %


Look good, but lack in quality...

By Dylan


Purchased these boots a few months ago, and I alternate boots (typically weekly) throughout my time on patrol. I would consider myself a proactive officer, and have found that these boots didn't quite meet the mark I expected for 5.11. Within one month, the soles of these boots began to separate from the material on the sides of the boot. They are not the most comfortable either. If you are reading these reviews like I did prior to purchasing these boots, I would highly suggest another pair, and don't be stubborn like I was and attempt to buy boots that already had bad reviews. These boots aside, I still am loyal to 5.11 and have never had an experience like this one before. I will definitely continued to purchase 5.11 products.


can make laces stronger

By Brandon


there good boots but i would say put better boot laces in them I had to stop 2 guys fighting at work one day and the laces just broke on me. it was kinda hard cuffing a guy and my boot coming off at the same time.


5.11 Recon Urban Boot

By Nightwing


Its been about 3 months since I started wearing these boots, and they finally had their first breakdown.

First off, the generic insoles gotta go. Tested them on grass, pavement, dirt, gravel, rocky path. The generics can not custion your feet from gravel or rocky paths. They also provide minimum cushioning. I immediately opted for a pair off athletic insoles from my neighborhood FinishLine store.

Besides the bad quality of generic insoles, I never really had any major disappointment for two (2) months. Beginning of December, the laces showed fraying and a few days later, the left side had frayed down to a few strands of lacing. The rigt side was showing signs of fraying, but not as bad. Mind you, these are generic shoe laces, not paracord. So, I'm surprised how long they've lasted. Visited my local sports shop for paracord, but they had cheap knock-offs for the same price as the real thing. Finally, opted to buy a roll of authentic MIL-C-5040h Type 4's online, and works like a charm.

The boot itself is fine. Stands up to alotta walking on many different surfaces, the outsole is still in good condition, no lacerations, divets, or major wear.

My recommendation(s):
1) replace the insoles immediately, your feet will thank you.

2) replace the laces with paracord, don't settle for less. If its good enough for the military, its good enough for you.


Good boots but poor quality parts & description.

By Stig


I received my recon boots & was initially very pleased with them. The seem durable yet lightweight & I can move around in them swiftly & comfortably. However, I have only been wearing these boots for around two weeks & I already have a couple of issues with them: 1. I did not receive my blood type patch & the laces are not strong enough. I already have two areas in one bootlace which has worn through to to white inner core in two places & have had to reinforce them myself. Not what I'd expect for this price. Obviously, having only had them for a couple of weeks, I cannot attest to how they will hold up over time but I can only award 3 stars so far. I just hope that I have not been over generous but only time will tell.


Do Not Waste Your Money

By Disappointed

from in California

I understand that the construction of this Recon (and Desert Recon) boot is designed to be a breathable, lightweight boot. What I did not expect is to pay $150 and then have it fall apart after 7 months of VERY light use. I do not wear this boot while on duty because it is not approved. So needless to say, I'm not kicking down doors or in foot pursuits with these boots. All that I am using these boots for is Range training. And I'm not even doing the crawling around. I'm a Range Master/Instructor. All I'm doing is pacing back and forth, making sure no one has a brain fart and bantering students and officers with my witty remarks. But alas, after 7 months of light walking on dirt and grass, every other weekend, this boot has split at the seams. I want my $150 back.

5.11, I am disappointed.

If you are still reading this review, I applaud your efforts and I have a tip for you if you are still planning on buying this boot. The black color boots are 1/2 size too small. The desert color boots are accurate size. I own both colors and so I basically threw away $300 dollars. Too late to return now.


Wouldn't buy these again

By Bram

from Belgium

I'm in these boots 12 hours a day minimum.
After a really long break-in period of about a month they began to feel comfortable and light.
I use them mainly indoors and normal usage.
No running or heavy usage or backpacking of the kind.
Only problem I have now is that the laces are nearly done and the fabric on the side of the boot has torn on both shoes. This only after six months of normal wear.
I'm glad my work paid for them but I can only buy one pair a year so I hope they will last me till the end of the year.
After that I will not be purchasing these boots again.
Not nearly the quality I was expecting of a €160 boot unfortunately..


Would not recommend.


from Kazakhstan, Karagandy

Front toe, looks weird. Ankle is being bit by the boot. I love my TacLites they feel like I'm walking on air. These on the other hand I am 100% disappointing with them. 5.11 has been slacking in my opinion. I keep getting gear that keeps disappointing me. I expect more from 5.11. These boots are just not comfortable / the front loooks likeit has too much with and it pops up between the laces making a weird glare when sunlight reflects it. Trust me don't buy these, get taclites. I hate to write a negative review, but I don't want someone else stepping into my boots.


Very Limited Support and Stability


from Columbia, SC

Pro's of this item include:
(1) Fits snuggily around ankle and lower leg
(2) Since the upper part is thin, you can easily and comfortably wear an ankle holster.
Con's of this item include:
(1) There is very little foot support and stability. This is especially noticeable to you if you have flat feet.
(2) The sole is not rugged. Walking on uneven ground you will feel every bump and rock as the bottom of the boot gives way.
(3) Narrow in the toe box and sloppy fit in the heel.

Do not buy if you are on your feet alot, walk on uneven ground, or have flat feet.
I have a pair of ATAC zipper desert boots and they are much superior. I do not recommend this product and am disappointed with it.


Worst Boot ever

By Matt S.

from Cheyenne Wy

I bought this boot for duty back when it first came out back in Oct Nov time frame. I was excited to have a boot from 511 I own alot of their gear and love the pants shirts everything from 511. I took the boots out of the box and they were rough to break in about a mounth. Then in Feb I noticed that the sides are already seperarting from the sole. Completly dissappointed by this boot and wont ever buy 511 footwear again. I was going to order the Recon shoe untill this I fear that quality has failed and that 511 standards have dropped.


I can wear these boots everyday!

By Vic

from Menifee, CA

I wear these boots everyday! From going to the store down the street, hanging out with the family, and of course great long days at the range! They are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. They even beat some running shoes that I've had for long jogs and quick sprints! They hold up great in the rain but they're not completely waterproof... that's probably the only con. Besides that, they are amazing!

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