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Style# 74411

Ridgeline Pants

(13 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Rugged and clean, Ridgeline Pants are as tough as their namesake. Engineered from our patented two-way mechanical stretch fabric, featuring bartacking, double-stitching, and a TEFLON® finish, these pants are made for hard use, whether you're at the range, camping, or on the scene. A fully gusseted crotch, comfortable look and feel, and covert pockets sized for everything from AR magazines to a cell phone ensure your readiness for tactical and casual environments. Pick them up and put them to the test.



  • Durable, flexible covert pants
  • Ideal blend of toughness and comfort
  • Excellent for covert duty or casual wear



  • 6.76 oz. Flex-Tac® ripstop fabric
  • Fully gusseted crotch
  • Bartacking at major seams and stress points
  • Double-stitching
  • Extra pockets sized for tactical use
  • Nylon reinforced pockets
  • TEFLON® finish
  • YKK® zippers

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 13 reviews)

80 %


Nice pants but too baggy.

By Garlic


I really like these pants. but man are they big. might want to order a size down or two..


Black Ridgeline Pants

By Calvin


Plain and simply I love these pants. I use them work every day in a business casual setting with about 10 miles a day of active use and they work great. Bending stretching liquid and stain resistance is awesome. Most of all they're just comfortable. I plan on getting the tan and grey ones soon.


The Best 5.11 Pants I Own



I've bought a lot of pairs of pants from 5.11 - Jean-Cut Pants (I'm wearing a pair right now), Stryke pants, Tac-Lite Pros, Covert Cargos. Except for the gusseted crotch wearing out, quickly, in the Stryke pants, I've enjoyed every version that I've bought. But the Ridgeline Pants are far, and beyond, the best of the bunch for me.

They have great pockets that can hold all of my EDC items, including the items that are better unseen by others. They're both stylish and functional. And they have the flexibility of the Stryke fabrics combined with the sturdiness of the Tac-Lite Pros.

I hope they remain sturdy for a long time. Especially since I've bought two pair. :D


Great Casual/Adventure Pants

By Joe Dew


Don't let the negative reviews stop you from buying these pants. These pants are awesome. I have 3 pairs in varying colors and have owned them for about 6 months. All I can say is they wear very well, in terms of fit and material wear and tear. Here are my Pros and Cons:

- The ripstop material is flexible and feels sturdy. I have walked, ran, skid, kneeled, crouched, layed and sat in various situations and environments and have not experienced any failures or blemishes.
-It sheds water much better than denim and dries extremely well.
-I dig the pocket setup. 4 pockets in front and 4 pockets in back is very forward thinking and doesn't appear overly tactical. I can go to town and not feel like people are labeling me a mall ninja. The top most back pocket is actually big enough to shove a standard AR mag into and disrupting my other daily carry gear (albeit only halfway but still!) I also enjoy being able to shove all my edc gear in my pockets and it disappears.
- The overall weight of these pants is very low which is a major plus in the summer or when exerting ones self.

- Although the pockets are awesome they are not perfect by any means. I feel that offsetting the front pockets would benefit the pant overall but this is a small gripe. Also I wish the top back pocket was just a bit deeper. It is only deep enough to conceal a 7 round XDs mag effectively. Don't bother throwing a full G19 or other full sized mag in it because the floor plate will work itself out. I say make it deep enough for a AR mag to fit 3/4 of the way in.

This is a great product that with some minor tweaking could be a phenomenal pair of pants. Coupled with a good belt and some sturdy footwear these pants are unstoppable.


Really nice pants, but the swallow my lower body.

By Snake Doctor


So I have tried on other 5.11 pants before and they were all super big and baggy on me, when I saw the ridgeline pant I got excited because they were supposed to be a slimmer pant. They are slimmer, but they still swallow up my lower body. I understand that these are still going to be boot cut pants, but even with boots they look too big and my girlfriend says they make me looks husky. Now I do love how comfortable they are, the pockets are great, and the sizing as far as waiste and length are great. I am in the process of getting hired at my local police department and would love to use these as my uniform pant, but i would some extra material taken out of them so I don't look like a kid wearing his dad's pants. Has anyone tried to tailor 5.11 pants before, and does it effect the quality of the pants?



By tacticalawyer

from Davao City, Philippines

I'm from Davao City in the Philippines and since being introduced, the Ridgeline Pants have become my everyday pants. The Flex fabric makes it very comfortable and, in view of our tropical rainy weather, I love the fact that raindrops will normally bead and slide away unless the rain is very strong. The fact that there are no horizontal joints in front of the pant legs allows me to pull off using these pants in semi-formal/casual wear. The extra pockets in front and at the back are perfect for my phones (at the back) and my EDC folding knife (front right pocket) I hope that these will soon come in black. Incidentally, I'm a bit big and the local distributor rarely stocks big sizes which is why I normally buy all the stocks that come in my 44 inch waistline. I hope this will change because there are a lot of big guys in our place and many are competetive shooters.


Best pants I've ever owned

By Nick

from Las Vegas, NV

Don't listen to any bad reviews. These are the best pants ever. I love the double pockets in the front. Best idea ever.


Poor pocket design

By Snareman

from Ohio

These had the potential to be such a great pair of pants, but because of the poor pocket design they fail. The material (same as on the flextacs) is great and super comfortable. The fit of the pants is great. Unfortunately the cell phone pocket is placed too high. If you put a knife, pen, etc in the main pocket (where its designed to go because of the pocket reinforcements) the clip covers the cell phone pocket making it impossible to access. If the cell pocket was moved down an inch or so it would work fine. YOu can get around this by putting your knife in the lower pockets, but that defeats the purpose of them.


Vey Comfortable pant

By Former Action Guy

from Northern California

Nice pants for all around wear, Work and home. No complaints


Could be Great

By Jeff G

from NM

These could be 5.11's greatest pants. But they're not. The pockets have an impractical over laying configuration that rides too high. FlexTac is awesome fit and feel. Why are there so few color options? Finally, why pay more for less when compared to the Stryke pants? Strykes are great. Get Ridgelines when they're on sale.

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