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Style# 56176

RUSH Delivery MIKE

Average rating of 75%

Purpose Built

At 9.5” high, 14” long, and 3.5” deep, the Mike Class RUSH Delivery Bag is a quick and efficient tactical carryall with a wide range of customizable options that allow you to sort and store as you see fit. Built from ruggedized Nylon for superior resilience in any climate or environment, the RUSH Delivery Mike features a quick-draw compartment that provides accelerated access to a covert sidearm, a padded laptop sleeve to protect sensitive electronics, a quick-access admin panel keeps your keys, business cards, and flashlight within easy reach, and a main storage area with ample space for documents or accessories. The external surface of the RUSH Delivery Mike incorporates a wrap-around web platform compatible with MOLLE, 5.11 SlickStick®, and 5.11® TacTec System™ modular storage upgrades, while the cross-body stabilizing strap and ambidextrous design allow quick and easy shoulder switching.



  • Ambidextrous design
  • Integrated quick-draw compartment
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Quick-access admin panel
  • Non-slip cross-body stabilizing strap
  • Wrap-around web platform
  • MOLLE, 5.11 SlickStick®, and TacTec System™ compatible



  • Water resistant 1050D Nylon construction
  • 11” H x 14” L x 2.5” D main compartment
  • 8.75” x 3” water bottle pocket (x2)
  • 385 cubic inch / 6 liter total capacity
  • YKK® self-healing zippers throughout
  • Durable Duraflex® hardware
  • Luggage handle attachment
  • Flag/morale patch holder on front
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 13 reviews)

75 %

All-Weather Tough


From Kate


After five months of daily use this bag is still keeping my laptop safe and dry, even through a snowstorm and a night of icy rain. And the front pockets are so handy!

It could stand to have just a smidge more depth. As other reviewers have noted, with a laptop in the back there isn't much room in the front compartment.



From Kris


The over all design is almost perfect for everyday use, and the bag is very well made.

The bag is a little too small for me, and a potential customer might very well find the LIMA bag more suitable for a broader range of activities. A big drawback of the design is the lack of one larger main compartment. It's a compact little bag and it doesn't stretch at all. It easily fits a small laptop and some minor stuff, but loading something more, like a small lunchbox without problem is almost impossible.

Nice and descrete design of the water bottle pockets.

I can definitely recommend this product. Exelent quality!

Way too small and doesn't fit a 15" Macbook


From Greg


Says it will fit a 15" Laptop. My 2012 15" Macbook Pro does not fit. Overall the bag is way to small - you cannot utilize the pockets because the depth just doesn't allow for any (other than papers) bulk.

best product


From Andrew


I just got a Microsoft Surface Book. I looked around for a good backpack to carry it in and didn't see any recommendations. This is my submission to rectify that situation.

I wholeheartedly recommend the 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery MIKE Messenger Style Bag, Black. The Surface Book slips in easily and there's room for the AC adapter and a pocket for the stylus. Actually there's about twenty different pockets (but who's counting). If you have a laptop that's bigger than the Surface Book 511 has larger bags (Rush Delivery Lima, Rush Deliver Xray) but the Rush Delivery MIKE fits a Surface Book perfect.

There's not a lot of extra room in the bag, but you could slip in a tablet, a pad of paper, and a phone if you wanted. There's an external water bottle pocket on both sides. I keep a small collapsible umbrella in one of them. The other will snuggly hold a Thermos 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Commuter Bottle, Silver (available from Amazon). It fits tight (probably wouldn't come loose if I was hit by a truck), but slips out easy. I recommend this container because it uses vacuum as an insulator and keeps liquids hot or cold for hours.

If you do some research you'll probably see some reviews that state the Rush Delivery MIKE isn't expandable. Well, that's true and it isn't. There's a limit to how much you can put in it.

However, like all 511 bags, Rush Delivery MIKE is coated with molle. For those of you who don't know molle is a military grade method of attaching extra stuff to the outside.

511 has quite a variety of things you can attach to your bag using molle. I currently have the Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult H2O Carrier (which can be used to hold a larger water bottle than the Rush Delivery MIKE side pocket or used for other stuff), the 6.6 PADDED POUCH, and the 5.11 Large Drop Pouch (which is really cool because it folds up to be out of the way when not in use and unfolds to hold a lot. I used it to carry my lunch to work.) I own these items and currently have them attached to other 511 bags I own, but moving them from one bag to another only takes a couple of minutes, so I recommend them.

I am not associated with any military organisation or police organisation or with the 511 company in any way. I sing 511's praises because they make a good product. If everybody knew about 511 all the rest of the backpack manufacturers would go out of business.

Top Quality, Very Functional


From Trey


The "MIKE" bag is perfect for carrying around my smaller laptop. I love the durability and functionality. If you have a larger laptop or need extra room be sure to get the LIMA or XRAY! The hook and loop is strong and I love it. I think this is perfect for what it was made for. GREAT JOB AGAIN .511

Semi pleased


From Edgar


Today receive my Rush delivery Mike bag my 15 inch laptop didn't fit in the describe laptop pouch. Not too happy about that but other than that everything else is exceptional.

Perfect for field or Board Room.


From David


My profession takes me from field work to board rooms, sometimes both in the same day. So, when I change from Taclite pants and a Performance Polo to a suit, my beloved Triab 18 sticks out like a sore thumb. The Rush Delivery Mike bridges the gap. My Triab will still see plenty of after work and weekend use, but the RDM is now EDC at work. Now all you need is a business suit with MOLLE inside the coat and a TacTec tie...

Nice Design, Well Made, To Much Velcro


From SteveP


The materials and hardware used are top quality. The variety of pockets are very versatile for my needs. I like the bag.

But, like most "tactical" gear from 5.11 and others, there is an overuse of too "sticky" Velcro. (Same complaint for 5.11's Stryke pants.) It should not be necessary to have the upper body strength of a lowland gorilla to pull open the pockets. Please lighten up 5.11 on the Velcro.

I like it a lot for light duty


From JoeV


Convenient, light bag. I carry a Lenovo Carbon OR an iPad in it with charger, a small note pad, a breakfast bar, a flashlight, pens, pen knife, multi-tool, a small Power Bank and a Walther PP .380 with one spare magazine. It's not big enough for a regular form factor laptop. Full size portfolio with a paper pad? Forget it. Lots of compartments, but as others have said, it gets crowded quickly, but it's great for what I use it for.

Unbelievably tough!


From Mr. Pond.

from London

As a detective I use my messenger bag to carry a pile of frequently used documents around with me along with a flashlight, gloves, a basic IFAK and other items. I love the level of organisation that's possible and the bag very easily allows me to store everything I need in an organised but easily accessible way.

I've used this bag for about a year. I was originally concerned that the velcro strips that help to hold the bag shut could degrade with use, but this hasn't been the case. Other than the elastic loops over the strap clips losing some of their elasticity the bag looks as good as the day it arrived in the post! I'm not particularly gentle with my gear and the bag has been in all sorts of places with me, having been used hundreds of times. The material in particular is incredibly tough and shows no signs at all of wear or tear.

When this eventually wears out (I may be waiting quite some time!) I would absolutely 100% buy another one, though I think I'd go for the middle size to accommodate slightly larger laptops.

Unhesitatingly recommended.

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