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Style# 74363

Taclite EMS Pants

Average rating of 86%

(72 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

A warm weather alternative to our traditional twill EMS Pants, 5.11’s® Taclite® EMS Pants are lightweight, breathable, and durable. Made from our Taclite® ripstop fabric, these pants feature a self-adjusting waistband, fully gusseted crotch, and double-reinforced seat and knees for comfort and mobility. The thigh-mounted cargo pockets offer internal dividers to sort your gear, secondary cargo pockets at the calf provide additional storage, and a web strap allows for a customized loadout. A valuable tool of the trade.



  • Lightweight, durable EMS pants
  • Enhanced comfort, range of motion, and storage options
  • Extra pockets sized and placed for EMS use



  • 6.14 oz. polyester/cotton Taclite® ripstop fabric
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
  • Gripper tape on inside of the waist band to keep shirt tucked in
  • Fully gusseted crotch
  • Double-reinforced seat and knees (kneepad ready)
  • Thigh-mounted cargo pockets with internal compartments
  • Calf cargo pockets
  • Double-time belt loops
  • Web strap
  • TEFLON® finish
  • YKK® zippers
  • Prym® snaps
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 72 reviews)

86 %


Yes, I would recomend these to a friend

By VollyFF


I have two pairs and they're EXCELLENT. The only problem I have is that, just a few minutes ago, the self adjusting seam broke on the left side. But, it's probably only because I've been wearing them every single day, and they wore out a bit. Other than that, 5 stars, hands down.


love em

By Keith


I bought my first pair about 6 years ago for my EMT-Basic class. They were a little more loose fitting than I would like but beyond that they are great pants. Five years later, I still wear that original pair. I have even bought 2 more pair since then. Well worth the money!! Provided they continue to manufacture the pants the same way, I will continue to purchase them.


A must have for any EMS provider


from New Jersey

I've been an EMT for 4 years and these pants are the gold standard for EMS pants. I own four pairs, work full time city EMS and these pants have yet to let me down. I don't like wearing a whacker belt and these pants allow me to carry my essentials comfortably (Several pairs of gloves, shears, pen, gum, wallet.) On a similar note I think the number of pockets is way too high. I can't think of many things I would want to put in the lower leg pockets. Also, the rear pockets are crazy deep. Deep enough for almost any radio although I personally would rather clip mine to my belt.
Another positive is the material wicks away blood well and rain extremely well. As long as you don't stand in a downpour for an extended period (which does happen sometimes, oh well) you can simply wipe away the moisture with a towel.
Great in the summer and as far as winter operations go, I would suggest investing in some thermal tights or something similar. You won't freeze in these pants but you won't be sweating either.
Lots of little features including the double belt loops for keys/ID and internal pocket dividers let you know that 5.11 has done their due diligence.
I recommend these pants to anyone and everyone who plans on working EMS for any period of time. Worth the money.


Go to pants for sure.

By Coach Chris

from Miami Beach

I had bought a pair of pants from the medical campus for EMT training, and as soon as I put them on I knew I needed something else.
I found these pants online and took the plunge, buying two pair. Wow. They fit perfect and feel like they've already been worn, in a good way. I got 34-34s and I'm 6'1", 205, and like I said, they fit perfect. The length sits right where you want it with a pair of boots on. I'm definitely getting more stuff from these guys. Thanks 511.


Great EMS pants

By Emmitt Tucker

from Clinton MT

these are the best EMS pants I have used


Only one problem

By Juan

from Spain

Good pants but I think they need reflective bands for night shifts


Failure to deliver

By Joaquin Mixco

from Salt Lake City, UT

I can't say because I do not possess them.


Worth the Money

By xrktz

from Philadelphia

I have been wearing cheaper EMS pants for years because, well, 5.11's are expensive. These pants are worth the extra money. These pants are clearly the result of extensive field testing, user feedback, and refinement. There are so many little details put in to the construction that make these pants much more comfortable and functional than anything I've worn before.

The main cargo pockets are sectioned with different sized dividers, allowing me to easily find the multiple things I keep in them (electrodes, alcohol preps, gloves, penlight, syringes...). Each side has a well designed holster for easy access to trauma shears and tape. Two smaller lower leg cargo pockets are great for other random equipment (like my cell phone charger) and still easy to access with one hand. The only thing I miss is a front-thigh mini cargo pocket for cell phone, keys, etc.

There are small construction elements that make the pants more comfortable and flexible. The elastic waistband moves freely inside the outer waistband. The waistband has rubberized stitching on the inside that keeps my shirt tucked in and my pants in place as I move around. The back of my shirt would constantly come out when I bent over in my old pants. The waist pockets drop down and extend rearward at the bottom, which keeps everything in them when I sit or lie down. The belt loops are large, rugged, and wide, with smaller loops on the outside that are great for clipping keys and ID's to. The back of the bottom pant leg by the heel is reinforced so you don't have to worry about having tattered cuffs. The Teflon treatment causes water/blood/whatever to bead and roll off, but in my experience with other garments, that effect goes away after a few washes.

They look great! I am 6' tall with an athletic build, I normally wear a 32/31. I bought the 34/32 because that was the closest size without going under. The waist is large on me but cinches up well with a belt, without bunching at all. The 32 length is a tiny bit too long but the cuff is narrow at the bottom and doesn't hang below my boot heel or look too baggy. The pants do catch on my heels when walking around the station barefoot though ;)

I would definitely recommend coughing up the extra cash for these pants, it's worth it.

The only thing I can't speak to is durability, as I've only had them for a week so far, but I expect them to last years.

If you're buying a couple pairs of these, I recommend joining the NAEMT because then you get a 20% discount on the whole 5.11 website.


Best EMT Pants.

By Jeff

from Boston, MA

I bought these pants after my issued pants didn't fit the way I wanted them to. I'm a pretty big guy and needed more room in the thighs, which is what the 5.11 Taclite EMS pants provide. I also like the scissor loops on both sides, even if you dont have shears in them the loops are handy to keep a pen or O2 key in the pocket without losing them. These pants are also very light making them ideal for summer wear. in summary, these are the best EMS pants I've had in 3 years in EMS.


511 what else needs be said?

By Rural paramedic

from Apalachicola, FL

I started using 511 taclite pants a few years ago. I don't know of any comparable and now I only buy 511 taclites for work.

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