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Style# 80008

Taclite® Pro Vest

Average rating of 81%
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Purpose Built

Modeled after our legendary Tactical Vest, the TACLITE® Pro Vest is constructed from ultra-lightweight TACLITE® ripstop fabric and coated with Teflon®, providing lightweight durability and superior resistance against stains, spills, and soil. This high performance concealed carry vest is TacTec System™ compatible, and features twin concealed carry compartments at the chest offer quick access to a sidearm or accessories. Additional storage includes AR magazine pockets at the low left, a notepad pocket, a sunglass pocket, and dual hydration pockets at the small of the back. Extensive bartacking and quad-stitched reinforcements ensure lasting durability in tough environments.



  • Unbeatable tactical and recreational utility
  • TacTec System™ compatible
  • 17 total pockets, including:
  • Dual covert CCW pockets at the chest
  • Low left AR magazine pockets
  • Twin hydration pockets at the rear
  • Sunglass pocket
  • Notepad pocket



  • 6.14 oz. TACLITE® poly/cotton ripstop fabric
  • Shoulder design maximizes weight distribution
  • Reinforced half-collar
  • Integrated D-ring secures your keys
  • Quad-stitched reinforcements
  • Extensive bartacking at major stress points
  • YKK® zipper hardware
  • Prym® snaps
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 33 reviews)

81 %

Absolute Awesome


From Ronald


I purchased this vest from Amazon.com and since November 2015 have it used it a great deal for a EDC carry system and I must say I absolutely love it. The construction is exceptional and there is no doubt this TacLite Vest is the very best Vest I've ever used or owned ever. I love the fact I can organizer my gear in it's many pockets and the fact it has water bottle pockets is exceptional. The hidden pockets are more then enough to conceal a full size M&P or Glock in using a hook and loop holster. Unfortunately I have a Maxpedition brand holster for this purpose and am ordering the 5.11 holster to up the concealment. I am positive there is not another vest made of such high quality and excellent build then the 5.11 is. The vest rides very comfortable and stays put as for weight I carry 10-15 pounds of EDC in my MOAB 10 and my backup edc bag is same. I can house all the gear into the vest without problem and have everything at my finger tips. as for Belt carry this vest sports enough length to conceal any pistol I carry in my testing and or personal Rotations. Since buying this vest for testing and review I've purchased the Double Duty belt, 2 pairs of tac-lite pro pants and a t-shirt and am very pleased with 5.11 as a brand. I know and depend on gear for safety and daily life and other brands I have had concerns with but the 5.11 brand not a one. I simple love 5.11 and highly recommend them

How to color-fast your black 5.11's


From Bosto


Fading happens to almost everything black, so here's what I do to all my 5.11's (I'm single, so I can away with it). Wash them first in a load of all-black with that detergent for dark wash, in cold/cold setting, then leave them in the washer when done. Then, add a slurry of water and black cloth dye (get it at FabricLand or some such) and add that to the detergent bin in your washer. THEN, and this is important, add a solution of salt and water to the softener bin. Set the cycle to wash, rinse, softener as usual, and turn on the machine. You will only need to do this every dozen or so washes to keep everything a crisp black, but never ever use regular detergent or hot water on your black clothes! I have 5.11's that are years old and still look like store-bought except for the wear on the butt and knees. Also, i run an empty load afterwards with bleach alone, unless you want those wife-beaters lookin' a tad tralerpark'ish.

This is an excellent product!


From seabeejon

from West of Kandahar in Afghanistan

I am an Expat Electrician working as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2010 doing electrical inspections on DOD facilities. I wear this vest everywhere. It provides me ample room for my hand tools, and anything else I need to carry. There is even room to carry a couple of bottles of water in it. The design allows for storing a small to medium IPad or similar product where the balistic panels would normally go. This is simply a great product for the money.

Excellent product


From sl

from raleigh, nc

Daily use to carry keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. Secondary if I can figure out how it works is backup system as fallback concealed carry of small handgun & mags. No instruction or anything else to indicate the purpose of velcrow, how to use it, and what accessories can be used with it and how. Nothing I found useful on the web site.

TacLite Pro Vest a winner


From Romeo3

from Oxford, PA

The vest is well designed and thought out. It looks good for casual use as well as concealed carry/duty use. A very practical product for an adventurer, operator, off duty or outdoors.



From gsgseg

from dzahd


I will buy another one.


From Colt

from Sierra Vista, AZ

Come wintertime, I can wear this over My heavest coat/jacket and still be comfortable. I may only be a "C.C.W. Bearer", but even I carry my fairshare of "toys".

FAding Colors


From TK

from Sweden

I´ve had it for some time now and compared to my OLD 5.11 vest, this one started going "brown" after the first couple of hours out in sunlight...

It don´t look so good now as the colors have faded even more after washing it ( at a cold temperature )...

Tac Vest, good for allot of uses.


From Photo junkie

from Fremont, CA

Picked up a 5.11 vest back in GA while going to FLETC. I've used it for better then 3 1/2 years now. Besides it's obvious uses, I've used it primarily for camera equipment.

Only issues I've had to date with it was a tear underneath the arm from putting it on while it was fully loaded with equipment. I reinforced the sewing and it still continues to work wonderfully.

This is a great shooting range vest!


From Souleem

from Gary, IN

Pro: I bought this 5.11 TacLite Pro Vest in black and liked the pockets and D-ring so much that I bought the vest in khaki (one size larger) on the following day. I found the key ring inside the upper right pocket to be especially convenient! There are enough pockets to hold most of my gear, so the need for a backpack was eliminated.

Con1: The black dye faded too soon. I have four sets of 5.11 tactical clothing and washed all of them turned inside out in cold water and mild detergent, but the color of my black 5.11 TacLite Pro Vest faded after only two washings. My black 5.11 tactical series pants were washed in the same loads and did not fade, so now there is a visible difference in the coloring of my uniform.

Con2: This vest is sized for men and does not fit well over a small-framed woman's body over a concealed, side-holstered handgun. I am thin, 5'6" tall, weigh 130 pounds, so I bought the 5.11 TacLite Pro Vest in size small, but when it is zipped, the size small fits too snugly over my concealed handgun. The size medium fits well over the holstered handgun, but is much too loose over my upper body.

In spite of the faded coloring and poor fit, I like the quality of construction, pockets, D-ring and key ring on my 5.11 TacLite Pro Vests enough to continue wearing them and I will recommend them to friends and family. If these vests are ever sized for women, I will buy them again.

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