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Style# 50095-50099

ThumbDrive™ Holster: M&P

Average rating of 90%

Purpose Built

Built in partnership with Blade-Tech®, and tested in the field by Viking Tactics®, the 5.11® M&P ThumbDrive® Holster is specifically sized and contoured for the Smith & Wesson® M&P sidearm. Designed to be the fastest-drawing and most secure Level II Holster on the market, the 5.11 M&P ThumbDrive Holster features exclusive single-thumb activation release for a quick and natural release. A strengthened retention system and our removable Chop-Block™ switch guard significantly increase retention capabilities, and the entire Holster unit can be fully customized with 5.11 Thigh Rig and Drop/Offset kits (sold separately), giving you completely personalized placement for unbeatable draw efficiency.



  • Engineered as the safest and fastest L2 holster on the market
  • Strengthened weapon retention system
  • Removable Chop-Block guard
  • Belt Slide and Paddle included
  • Fit up to 2.25" belts



  • Designed in partnership with Blade-Tech
  • Tested in the field by Viking Tactics
  • Thigh Rig and Drop/Offset customization kits sold separately


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 4 reviews)

90 %

Great product


From Mac


Great fitting holster for my M&P. It's secure and I have 0 worries about it not staying put.

Perfect M&P9c fit!


From Cody


Ordered with the Chop block- adds a little thickness- but still allows FBI cant.
Two days of practice draws (10 in the am, 10 at night before dumping) and my draw is just as quick as before. The thumb break has a positive feedback- so there's no guessing. As the title suggests- the fit is snug, secure and the release is great once the thumb break is activated! I prefer the paddle for what I do- and it is all day comfortable with the mold they used. That said- the belt slide works very well- I tested it just for kicks- and the adjustment for belt thickness works well for its purpose once you set it. I'm not a fan of the mechanism by which you set the thickness- but it's not worth a ding even if I wore the slide daily- because it's "set and forget."
Solid construction- the holster is firm- yet the paddle is pliable as it needs to be. Great product for those of us that OWB.
I also practiced having a friend attempt to disarm me, and the chop block adds the delay you need to defend your weapon from a frontal attempt- though a rear attempt by an assailant is possible. On that point- I keep it in because I like the guard against inanimate objects that 'could' depress the thumb break given the nature of my work moving through tight spaces- and I don't want my gun on the ground- ever.
Awesome product!

Great Product


From Tim


As a retired law enforcement officer, I have bought many holsters. Unfortunately you have buy them to thoroughly test them, so I have gone through many holsters. This holster works perfectly for me. It is a very natural draw for me. I could never get accustomed to the Serpa and many others. It is important to find the one that feels natural to you, so that when you need to draw, the gun is in your hand before you know it. This holster is a great product!

Not for SD40VE


From Mikki


I wanted a thigh rig and my boyfriend found this and another piece from this site. He knew that the SD40 VE was close to the M&P .40 in size, seeing as how the two get confused often. Unfortunately it is an extremely tight fit. It's either send it back or work on the composition at home. This is the only thumb release holster we could find and I love the thigh rig that goes with it. Hopefully the 5.11 team will widen their scope of holsters to allow for more variety of guns.

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