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Style# 50100

ThumbDrive® Holster: Sig Sauer

Average rating of 60%

Purpose Built

Created to be the safest and fastest-drawing Level II Holster on the market, the 5.11® Sig Sauer ThumbDrive® Holster was designed with assistance from Blade-Tech® and tested in the field by the professionals at Viking Tactics®. Featuring our exclusive single-thumb release and retention system, the Sig Sauer ThumbDrive® Holster offers a smooth, fast, and safe release, and our unique ChopBlock™ switch guard dramatically increases weapon retention capability during altercations. With fully customizable installation and our optional Drop/Offset and Thigh Rig kits (sold separately), the ThumbDrive® Holster system allows completely user-defined placement and draw angles for superior safety and efficiency.



  • Engineered to be the world's safest and fastest Level II holster
  • Proprietary weapon retention system
  • ChopBlock™ removable switch guard included
  • Belt Slide and Paddle both included
  • Fit up to 2.25 inch belts



  • Designed with assistance from Blade-Tech®
  • Tested in the field by Viking Tactics®
  • Thigh Rig and Drop/Offset kits available
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 2 reviews)

60 %

I Love It


From John


I've owned this holster for about 4 years. The thumb release is the best I've found. I've tried other brands of thumb release holsters and this is the most natural i have found. Never had problems with it locking and being secure. Mine if for the Sig 226. I'm now looking for one that fits the Sig 320. I've e-mailed asking if they are going to make one. No word yet.

Does not lock - needs worj


From GM2SW


I went to the 511 store in Riverside and was looking at the Thumbdrive holster and decoded to bring my 226 to make sure it fit well. The workers grabbed a Right handed holster for me and I pulled out my weapon (cleared and empty of course) and put it into the holster.

The Thumbdrive locking mechanism did not engage at all. I was able to draw the weapon with no resistance and without pressing the thumb release.

We thought it might be a bad holster, so they grabbed the other 2 on the rack and we tried all of them. None of the holsters actually locked my weapon in the holster. The concept of this holster is good because it doesn't leave the release on the outside of the holster like the Blackhawk Serra, but the implementation is obviously flawed. I don't know if Bladetech, (who actually makes this for 511) is at fault or if the system was just never tested on the 226 even though it is listed as supported.

If the bugs are worked out, I definitely want one, but until I can be assured that the holster is secure and will not allow for a no resistance draw, I can't purchase this and in good faith can't recommend to others either.

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