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Style# 50029

ThumbDrive Thigh Rig

(8 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Built to complement the 5.11® ThumbDrive® leg holster and weapon retention system, the ThumbDrive Thigh Rig provides a flexible and fully adjustable mounting platform. Rubber-threaded ballistic nylon tension straps hold the Thigh Rig firmly but comfortably in place, ensuring that your ThumbDrive thigh holster won't wobble, flap, or drift. A fast detach system allows quick escape and high-impact clips are secure and durable, while an integrated swivel clip ensures that your new ThumbDrive Thigh Rig won't inhibit twisting, turning, or bending at the waist.



  • Secures your 5.11 ThumbDrive leg holster
  • Fast detach system
  • Integrated swivel clip
  • Fully adjustable for a perfect fit



  • Ballistic nylon tension straps
  • Rubberized threads
  • High impact fastening clips


Ratings and Reviews


(based on 8 reviews)

75 %


Velcro belt loops need some work

By SteelBeach

from Dallas, Texas

Within six months of obtaining the drop-leg module, the velcro that held the belt loops together began to slip. The stitching that held the velcro strips to the nylon support surface had come completely undone. Fortunately, I had some 550 cord handy, and Katrina-fixed the holster until my shift ended. Upon arriving home, efforts to fix the problem all failed. Fortunately, I was able to cut away the defective material, and slip a pair of standard belt keepers into the place where the old nylon and velcro were. Oddly enough, they work far better.


I will buy another one for my Glock 23

By I Love America

from Atlanta, GA

I like everything about the Thumbdrive holster and thigh rig except the detachable belt buckle. It is way too big and my hand hit it when drawing the weapon. Easily fixed by cutting it off and added additional length of Velcro for easy sizing and secure attachment to belt. Entire rig allows for very fast secure drawing and movement. I will buy another one for my Glock 23.


Great leg rig!!!

By Captain Morgan

from Small Town, UT

This has been the most comfortable holster i have used, it is everything i hoped for and is very functional! thanks for making a great product!


Good Piece of Equipment

By medicpd

from Ashtabula, OH

Not a bad rig. Fairly comfortable. The only con that I have with it is that it could be a little easier to switch out the holster on it. I have a Sig P226 Thumbdrive holster and will be getting a Glock 17/22 soon too. I like to switch up my firearms occasionally. I mainly use this on the range, but there are many applications it can be used for.


Not Comfortable

By Army 18B

from Fort Bragg, NC

I used this product for about 2 weeks in Afghanistan and found this thigh rig not as comfortable as others on the market. I will say; however, this piece of equipment is very durable.

From my personal experience with this thigh rig and the thumb drive holster, I would not recommend this.


Stable Rig

By Andrew

from Midland, TX

This seems like a fairly typical thigh-rig with decent construction and materials. It feels pretty stable while running and moving around. There are rubber bits all over the straps that go around the leg for "traction" which seem OK once the straps are adjusted but make it very time-consuming to change so it would not be good if you were trying to change shooters/clothing thickness frequently. Also, the connection points for your belt are velcro so if you have to adjust that very often it may wear out the velcro.



By Bomb Dog

from Baghdad, Iraq

First off, I am a civilian contractor currently deployed to Iraq and pretty much everything I wear is 5.11. I like the products so much I should buy stock in the company. That being said, I recently stopped using my thumb driver holster and the drop leg platform. I liked the idea of the "Two adjustable ballistic nylon leg tension straps with rubberized threads sewn through to keep the rig from sliding or shifting from the weight" However, after about 4 hours of a 12 hour shift, the elastic portions of the leg tension strap loosened so much that the holster just flopped around. Also, the two Velcro belt loops needed constant adjustment and eventually failed at the sewing. I replaced the belt loops with 550 cord (I could not believe the improvement) to get me through the rest of the shift.



By TacMedic

from Illinois

Good rig, I believe it should have the m.o.l.l.e system.

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