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Style# 53154

TPT® R5 Holster

Average rating of 32%

Purpose Built

Engineered to provide speedy access, the TPT® R5 Holster was designed to accomodate your flashlight carry needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable black polymer flashlight carrier provides excellent flashlight retention
  • Easily adjusts between three carry angles to accommodate your carry preference
  • Fits belts up to 2.25" wide


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 1.6 average rating

(based on 5 reviews)

32 %

Lost My Light

 Rated 1.0 stars

From BearKlaw

from Metro East, Illinois

I am a big fan of most 5.11 products. This one is the exception. I purchased the holster for a light I already had. I work days, so it is as a backup light. At the end of the shift, the light and holster were gone. Prior to losing it, it had come unbuckled once I assumed I hadn't fastened it correctly. I made sure it was locked in. I even had another officer double check it.

Never did find the holster or the light.

Do not waste your money!

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Police Officer

from Lehighton, PA

1. The rubber insert is constantly falling out of the holder base when I remove the light for use.

2. The screws started to fall out of the back of the holder with less than 2 weeks of usage.

3. When I sit down the clasps that keep the holder closed on my belt hit against the chair armrest and the holder pops open causing it to partially fall off my belt.

4. This item should not have made it past trials. I suggest the company look at some of Surefire's light holders to see what works!

Very disappointing

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Brina

from Buffalo, NY

I was excited to have a high quality flash light from 5.11 to use daily as a police officer. After testing the light and comparing versus other products on the market, I chose to make the 5.11 light my duty light. So I ordered the the light holster for my belt. When it came in, I thought I had been shipped the wrong it. The holster is so large, there is no way I can wear it on my belt and sit in a patrol car. I would return it, but after paying the return shipping costs, it just isn't worth it. I would like to see 5.11 make a smaller tube like holster that would allow the flash light to slide down into the holster with the light end facing up. I am considering returning the flashlight as I really have no way to carry it on duty.

Steer clear

 Rated 2.0 stars

From SWAToperator

from Atlanta, Ga

This holster is very large and bulky. I got it yesterday and I have been wearing it for most of my shift tonight, so far at 10 of 12 hours. I am 6ft2in and 190lbs, and It really hurts my hip sitting in my patrol car. I wear it in the 7/8 oclock position, which is an average place for a right handed person I assume. When removing the flashlight, it makes a loud plasticy 'pop' sound, and same when you have to force it back in place, which means it is not helpful if you are trying to be in any way stealthy. I would not reccomend this light holder to anyone, the light itself is great, but this holder not so much. I am considering getting the smaller rechargable light so that the holder will be smaller, I connot go too many more nights with this sharp pain on my hip.

TPT R5 Holster

 Rated 3.0 stars

From James

from Seattle, WA

The one thing I have against this holster is that since it clips at the bottom, when you are getting back into a vehicle and you bump into the door frame it comes undone and sometimes even falls off. If it clipped at the top or you were able to rotate it around so it did, it would work better. Overall it is a good holster for the light.

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