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Style# 56167

All Hazards Nitro

Average rating of 87%

Purpose Built

Durable construction and numerous utilitarian features make the compact, full-featured All Hazards Nitro ideally suited for use as a carry-on, patrol bag, or long range tactical kit.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for travel, patrol, or long range tactical use
  • Dual main compartments
  • Bucket lid opening


  • Durable1050D nylon
  • Pass-through for breaching tools or baton
  • Supports removable Ammo Jack or Ammo Mule
  • Generous MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® Web platform
  • All-purpose Shove-It pocket
  • Oversized sunglasses pocket
  • 19” H x 9” L x 4.5” D
  • Ruggedized construction
  • 180 degree opening
  • Orange lining for quick visual ID
  • Loop patches on sides and top
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.4 average rating

(based on 9 reviews)

87 %

Great bag!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From James


Great Backpack, picked this up to carry around my on the go photo equipment. Bag is light enough and balanced to get your equipment out the field comfortably. The inside also has enough room to add more pouches to carry around just about everything you need on the go.

Excellent Tactical & Day Pack

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Cliff


I was looking for a small pack to keep essential gear for day-trips (hike, hunt recon, ect). I found this pack to be perfect. The dual main compartments allow me to stuff the inboard compartment with EDC essentials (small tools pouch, water filtration, first aid, ceramic blade sharpener, and fire starting). The second out board main compartment is primarily empty for ‘mission-needs’ storage like a rain jacket, Goalzero solar panel (28-watt), food, and other misc stuff. The rear compartment holds smaller gear (wallet, additional rounds, compass & signaling mirror, munchies, etc). The molly system accommodates a small axe, fixed blade, water bottle carrier, tactical flashlight, and a small auxiliary pouch on the back for cell phone, Goalzero Venture 70, Guide 10, and misc electrical equipment. There are also sleeves along the side of the pack for trekking poles (I carry one).

This pack does not come with a belt. I like a belt to move some of the load off my shoulders. I added a VTAC Brokos belt. The belt made room for a radio pouch that holds a Rino 650 perfectly on one side and a holster for my Springfield XDS on the other.

I’ve had this pack now for a few months and have taken some relatively long trips with it. It’s versatile in its configuration to easily add/remove/access equipment that may or may not be needed quickly. To date I have yet to run out of space with it – even when I carry everything listed in this review. All around this is a great tactical day pack with room to accessorize for specific needs.

I like it

 Rated 5.0 stars

From JD


I bought it knowing the issues others had with the compartment sizing and position. I have the Rush 12 and MOAB10 for a regular go bags. I needed a 'clean' bag for going places that had metal detectors and that I could stuff a jacket into for quick access. It may not carry as much as the other day packs, but I use it for a few electronics in the back and a what ever else in front. The straps may be a little overkill for this light a bag, but they will not be the failure point. Big fan of the 511 packs. A bit heavy when empty, but they really do take a beating.


 Rated 4.0 stars

From Michael


I really wanted to buy this pack. Please tell me why the internal dimensions are 9". Your molle pouches run 10" and the CVRT panel runs10". This could have been an organizational dynamo. Otherwise the construction and concept are awesome.

not a convenient pack

 Rated 2.0 stars

From jimmy

from jacksonville, fl

I was looking for an additional EDC that I could use for travel. I've used my rush12 but after extensive range use it's not looking good, but is still holding up very well, just not pretty any more. I was hoping the Nitro would be a suitable replacement, but it isn't.
It's heavy for a small bag. The shoulder straps are overkill for this size bag and make it difficult to don and dof quickly and easily. Access to the compartments is cumbersome, the added front pocket has to be unsnapped to get to the other two compartments. The width is narrow and the stack height is high. The stack height actually makes it a bit difficult to put it in the overheads of planes, this is a small pack, but the dimensions are odd.
I like the idea of the molle and Velcro straps in it.
BLUF, I don't really care for the bag. Wish I had ordered a second rush12.

Very nice compact pack!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Too may backpacks

from Singapore

Dayhiking, EDC to work (engineer @ construction site). Originally bought this to replace an old Kelty daypack for hiking, but like it so much I use it as my EDC instead of my Rush 24.

A 15" MacBook Pro in a padded/zippered "Incase" pouch will fit in the main compartment (surprise), just not in the pocket. The bottom of the pack is somewhat padded, but I prefer the Incase for all-around protection of the laptop. Stuff pouch is great, I can put a rolled up pair of pants, two shirts and extra socks and the straps still have a lot of extra length. Admin pouch is so-so, not as good as a Rush, but I can still get most of my stuff in there. The one zippered mesh pouch is a compromise - two smaller square ones (best solution) or one bigger rectangular one would make better use of the panel in the front compartment. As it is, about 5-6 inches of the length of the compartment is unused.

On my Rush 24 I used the hydration area to carry paperwork, but that's not possible with the Nitro, unless the pages are folded. You can feel anything bulky in this area against your back, too - especially if the pack is already loaded pretty full.

Great Pack! Primary Use as Camera Bag

 Rated 5.0 stars

From DJ

from NJ

I'm using this pack primarily for my camera equipment. I wanted something not dedicated for photography and adaptable to whatever situation I wanted to use it for such as traveling, hiking, going to the shooting range, etc. With the molle I can quickly add and remove pouches for different uses. I store a Nikon D5100 with lens attached and 4 additional lenses in individual padded cases in the primary compartment. Accessories are in the larger of the two front pockets. The rest provides room to store whatever else I need or come across on my trips and adventures. I added small roll-up dump pouches to each side. I keep my Benro Mefoto tripod in one of them (one leg goes down through the pass through side of the pack, the other two and bottom half of tripod fit in dump pouch, and top is secured by velcro strap on pack. Pack was made perfectly for this setup). I recently got back from my first trip with it. Exposed it to sun, rain, and sand and it functioned great. The beavertail stuff-it pocket has come in very handy and the sunglass pocket on top has been a great feature. I covered many miles with it and the well padded straps and balance of the pack made it comfortable on my back the entire time. The size is great for day trips. This is a very durable, well thought out pack.

Small, But Packs A Punch

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Ramblin365

from Denver, CO

First of all, this bag is small, with little overall storage space. Don't let that dissuade you, just be aware of its limitations. I envisioned this pack as an EDC to carry essentials to/from the office and on small road trips/commuting. The bag carries everything I use on a daily basis, but nothing more. The separate main compartments are great for organization, but they cut town on the overall storage capacity considerably. In the main compartment, I can carry a standard novel, a journal, and a tablet or 13" laptop (pushed to the max, the main compartment only has about 6" of width from the back plate to the next compartment). In the secondary compartment I can carry a small first aid kit, another book, and I can barely stuff a down jacket. As I mentioned before, that load maxed out the total carrying capacity. In order to hold a water bottle I bought the water bottle pouch and added a small organizer pouch to carry chargers and headphones.

The construction/durability is what you come to expect from 5.11, very reliable. It is very sturdy but it comes at a price: the weight is considerable for a bag of its size. The sunglasses case at the top is hardened, more like an actual sunglasses case than the Rush sunglasses "pocket".

This bag can have great applications for specific tactical/EMS functions but for an EDC bag I will have to look elsewhere. I prefer a bag with more versatility that can hold the occasional lunch or change of clothes when needed. I will keep it as a range bag/very light hiking pack.

Great Go/EDC Bag!

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Prepping Z

from Oregon

I took advantage of the 20% off sale and purchased this bag. It's my EDC bag. I like the bright orange on the insides of the compartments and also the molle webbing, which is also everywhere on the outside of the bag. Can fit a 11" MacBook Air in the main compartment sleeve. I attached a couple of the Tier System straps to compress the bag a little more. Also, I've placed my velcro holster in the first compartment so I can carry my pistol. I only wish that the main compartment was a little deeper, maybe an inch or two. I'm looking forward to using this as part of my carry-on system for overseas travel. I plan to attach the bag to my Rush 72, placing the 72 in the overhead and the Nitro under the seat.

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