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Style# 89077

America's Cap

Average rating of 90%
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Purpose Built

Our most comfortable hat yet, America's Cap from 5.11 Tactical® is the epitome of high speed, low drag, and features a 5 panels that conforms to your head with the adjustable strap in the back to ensures the best fit possible.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable cap with 5 panels
  • Taclite® fabrication
  • Patch-compatible


  • Long bill
  • No brass or metallic content
  • Mil-spec webbing
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.5 average rating

(based on 2 reviews)

90 %

7 3/4 head in a 7 1/4 world

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Ducky


So I debated what to do with the issue of my 7 3/4 shaved dome and not being able to wear the America's cap.

First thought, "wow" then put it on. There is no way this will fit me. I unhooked the velcro closure and stuck it on and was blown away at how well it fit me, but only without the velcro even passing through the buckle on the back. So I gave it to my wife, she saw how disappointed I was but that's big head life, nothing new.

So the hat was hers, for a minute, as soon as she looked into the mirror she couldn't get over how large the physical hat was. Too small on me, way too large on her.

I'm stubborn, I knew it fits as long as I don't attempt to close the velcro. So it hit me I could come up with a way to use extra velcro to make it work.

This morning I grabbed my FDE box of accessories (velcro, bungee, 550 cord, keepers.. you know.. the box). In the truck, sitting at the stoplight heading into base it hit me. Not velcro... but bungie cord (Thinner stuff from MilSpec Monkey) and made a loop. I passed the loop through the plastic buckle with the knot on the out side, triple the size of the opening so it won't pass through, and then took the normal provided velcro closure and passed it through the loop. Wow, what a difference.

I can say after wearing it all morning, I love it. It really could use a bit of velcro on the back for a name tape but it really fits my head like I had hoped that it would.

So the only reason I give it 4 Stars is that it is a big hat but there isn't enough material in the back to secure it unless you have a smaller head. Adding the bungie loop was an easy fix but not everyone would have given it a second thought and found a fix for it. Us big noggin guys don't always get what we want, I get it, but the one size fits most needs to go away.

Construction, looks great, but I would like to see the panel stitching doubled. The panels themselves are great and I like the profile chosen, it sits nice and low to my head with very little gap space.

The grommets on the sides (2 each) seem fine, the large black "one size" made in Cambodia tag does cover up one so it needs to be removed.

The internal sweat band is fantastic, nothing to fix there.

The Closure, way too small, there appears to be more band inside, as if it was designed to be adjustable on the inside but the stitching goes through the webbing material. I'm talking.. 3/4 of an inch at least. That might have made the difference, but then again, would it have held up under pressure and released? Who knows..

The bill. On my wife.. this thing looks massive, very wide but on me, it looks good. Finally a bill that is the right size. I did roll it a bit and it's taking a bit to get it to stay curved, but that's normal.

So, after one good modification to fit my 7 3/4 head it has become an awesome hat. Lets see a version 2 (Hey 5.11, I can demo one if you want) that increases the amount of stitching on the panels, move the factory label out from the vent hole, possibly change the vent hole pattern and then make the strap longer.

Cool Guy

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Derriel


Looking cool is half the battle. When I die, this will be in my casket.

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