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  1. AUD$169.99
    Nevada Softshell Jacket
  2. AUD$189.99
    Exos Rain Shell Jacket
  3. AUD$149.99
    Duty Rain Shell
  4. AUD$359.99
    5-IN-1 Jacket 2.0
  5. AUD$349.99
    3-IN-1 Parka 2.0
  6. AUD$329.99
    Sabre Jacket 2.0™
  7. AUD$79.99
    Horizon Hoodie 2.0
  8. AUD$99.99
    Reactor FZ Hoodie
  9. AUD$169.99
    Chameleon Softshell Jacket™
  10. AUD$79.99
    Packable Operator Jacket
  11. AUD$109.99
    Taclite® Pro Vest
  12. AUD$399.99
    Responder High-Visibility Parka
  13. AUD$139.99
    Tactical Fleece
  14. AUD$239.99
    Reversible Hi-Vis Jacket
  15. AUD$59.99
    Packable Jacket
  16. AUD$119.99
    Big Horn Jacket
  17. AUD$129.99
    LBE Tactical Vest
  18. AUD$159.99
    Sierra Softshell

18 Items

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More About Outerwear

5.11 Jackets and tactical outerwear provide the functional innovation and high performance engineering you need to maintain peak performance, on duty or off. Designed to ensure maximum readiness and utility in any situation, 5.11 tactical jackets come in a broad array of sizes and styles to suit any profession or recreational activity. From our full line of duty wear jackets for EMS, Police, and Firefighters to our selection of covert CCW wear, 5.11 jackets combine rugged durability, modern materials, and exacting craftsmanship for the perfect blend of comfort, reliability, and dependability. For tougher environments, our 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 outerwear designs offer modular adaptability to changing climates. If you need tactical outerwear, we offer a full line of vests that provide unmatched utility and performance.