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  1. Tiffany Tote
    Tiffany Tote
  2. Molly Shopper Tote
    Molly Shopper Tote
  3. Sarah Satchel 2.0
    Sarah Satchel 2.0
  4. Alice Saddle Bag
    Alice Saddle Bag
  5. Sarah Satchel Twill
    Sarah Satchel Twill
  6. Lucy Tote Twill
    Lucy Tote Twill
  7. Leslie Crossbody
    Leslie Crossbody
  8. Flare Active Tote
    Flare Active Tote
  9. Crossbody Range Purse
    Crossbody Range Purse
  10. Weekender Tote
    Regular Price $149.99 Special Price $49.99
    Weekender Tote
  11. Charlotte Crossbody
    Regular Price $89.99 Special Price $34.99
    Charlotte Crossbody
  12. Sarah Satchel - LX
    Regular Price $114.99 Special Price $42.99
    Sarah Satchel - LX
  13. Lucy Tote - LX
    Regular Price $114.99 Special Price $57.49
    Lucy Tote - LX
  14. Lucy Tote Deluxe
    Regular Price $114.99 Special Price $57.49
    Lucy Tote Deluxe

14 Items

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More About Handbags & Totes

5.11 Women's Bags offer flexible, multifunctional, and stylish support and storage for work, travel, and recreation. From our chic Sarah Satchel to our full-sized and fashionable Weekender Tote, our bags and totes are designed to provide secure and plentiful storage space, superior resilience and weather protection, and covert concealed carry all in the most stylish packages. The multifunctional nature of our bags allows you to use them to serve more than one purpose, minimizing the need to carry a purse and an additional concealed carry case. Transform your work Weekender Tote into an overnight carry, or use your Lucy Tote as a carry-on – dedicated accessory pockets, secure concealed carry, and roomy main compartments ensure that your chosen 5.11 women's tactical bag will always meet your needs.

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