2 Point VTAC Rifle Sling – How to Install & Use

how to install and use a 2 point vtac rifle sling

Rifle slings offer you the versatility you need when you are switching back and forth between a sidearm and a rifle.

Two-point rifle slings are quickly becoming an industry staple. It’s easy to see why. They are easy-to-use, comfortable, and offer the most versatility in a sling.

With an uptick in popularity, we thought it was time to show you how to install and use our 2-Point VTAC Rifle Sling.


Step 1

Start with the end that is sewed fast to the quick-adjust buckle that goes to the rear of the weapon. This end is designed to be longer so you can put it on a shotgun if needed.

For a right-handed shooter, take the sling and start on the right side of the weapon. Go from the right side down under, around, and then back through the tri-glides.

Do not tighten it all the way down yet in case you need to make a couple of adjustments.

This is key because it allows the weapon to hang naturally, tight against your body.

Step 2

You need a push-button quick detach on your weapon. This allows you to connect the sling to the weapon and can be positioned where you want it. If you move the front portion of the sling out farther, it will give you room to tighten it to your body when you move the weapon onto your back.

Step 3

Take the two buckles and slide them closer to the front. Then slide the sling through and back through the slide-glide.

Think about the position of the sling in relation to the front hand grip. It is better to have it right at or slightly behind so it does not get in the way.

Step 4

Put on the sling to test it out. You want to ensure that you can grab the free-running end and cinch it down snugly. Make sure you can cinch the sling to hold it tight against your body.

Now follow the same steps for the front.

Ideally, you want to keep the length of the sling to only what you need to make it work. Put the push-button quick detaches on the opposite side, away from your body, to make it easier to transition from weapon to weapon.

Remember, make sure there is enough length of sling so that when you switch it to your support side, you will not choke yourself out.


Advantages of the 2-Point Sling

A 2-point sling offers greater versatility and comfort for active situations. It allows you to cinch it and your weapon close to your body. This is perfect for holding the weapon tight to your body when placing handcuffs on someone.

In a climbing situation, a 2-point sling can be cinched tight against your back for ease of movement.

Conversely, a single-point sling allows the weapon to flop around. You must keep your hands on the weapon to hold it in place – less than ideal for most situations.

Some critics will say that a 2-point sling is too slow in terms of transitioning from your strong side to your support side. But if you know what you are doing and incorporate the transition into your practice, it should not be an issue.

VTAC® 2 Point Padded Sling

This 2-point sling was designed with the help of world-famous tactical instructor Kyle E. Lamb. It provides superior flexibility and security for any standard size rifle or submachine gun. The quick-adjust feature allows for fast shoulder/length transition. And it is constructed of heavy duty, all-weather nylon for superior traction in even the wettest climates and conditions. 

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