Best Tactical Pants Options for Women

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Women's tactical pants are a necessity for every work professional. No matter how challenging the job, tactical women's pants stay flexible and comfortable so you can feel prepared for anything that comes your way. Whether saving lives, at the construction site, or for every day casual wear, having a few pairs of tactical pants in your closet can make a difference. 

What Makes for a Great Women's Tactical Pant?

Above all, durability and performance set tactical pants apart from other types of work clothing for women. Tactical women's pants are made from high-quality, tough materials, which are meant to last even if you are kneeling, crouching, or crawling. They are made from materials such as polyester and rayon, known as some of the most durable fabrics available. 

Discover the Best Women’s Tactical Pants 

The best tactical pants have a better design in areas like the belt loops, knees, seat, and crotch. These areas are reinforced with additional stitching to decrease wear and tear. In addition, there may be additional padding on the knees in tactical women's pants. Belt loops are strong enough to handle the weight of toolbelts, holsters, and firearms. These pants are also good at temperature control, which is especially important for firefighters who deal with extreme heat. 

If you are a woman looking for concealed carry clothing, tactical pants are a great place to start. 

What Are Some Types of Tactical Pants?

So, what counts as tactical pants? Isn't it just cargo pants? No! If they aren't tactical, cargo pants often lack the premium materials, reinforced build, and movability that the best women's tactical pants have — not to mention that there are plenty of other options outside of cargo pants for working women. 

Leggings or Range Tights

Tactical leggings, also known as range tights, could be the perfect choice for light work or training. Tactical leggings are far from your typical cotton legging, with flatlock seams, drop pockets, and heat transfer to keep you cool while you work. You can focus on the work without being distracted by sweat, odor, or discomfort. You also won't need to sacrifice the durability, mobility, and reinforced areas of the best women's tactical pants. There's even a hidden pocket inside range tights — pockets are always a win for women's clothes.

Shop tactical leggings for women.

Stretched and Reinforced Canvas Pants

Another option for great tactical pants for women is stretched canvas pants that are often combined with a Teflon finish for extra durability. These pants are designed for the female figure with extra pockets, a zipper closure, and comfortable waistbands. The pockets of canvas tactical pants are low-profile, so even if you store mags or other items, they're not obvious. This is even more true of black tactical pants.

How Do You Decide Which Tactical Pants Are Right for You? 

The two things to keep in mind when finding the perfect pair of tactical pants are to consider your body type and the type of job you do. You want to make sure that you are comfortable focusing on what you're doing, but you also want to ensure that your pants can keep up with you.  

Tactical pants are often worn by women in professions such as: 

  • Police officers 
  • Security guards  
  • Firefighters 
  • EMTs   
  • Soldiers 

For example, black tactical pants can be the perfect choice for many professions. Still, if you work in a hot, sunny climate, you might prefer a lighter color or a temperature-controlled fabric for your women's tactical pants. A temperature-controlled fabric can help you stay dry while you work.

Shop women's profressional.

Tactical Pants for Women - The Bottom Line

No matter your job, buy a pair of women's tactical pants that you can depend on. With reinforced stitching throughout to ensure your gear stays where it's supposed to, additional padding or material in the knees and inseam for durability, and a comfortable waistline designed for women, 5.11 Tactical offers the best women's tactical pants. 


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