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Company of Heroes 3: Tactical Pause

The long-awaited strategy title Company of Heroes 3 comes out next month, promising to bring new factions, units, and gameplay features to the franchise. One of the most interesting of these new features is Full Tactical Pause.  

As the old military adage goes; “No plan survives contact with the enemy”—veteran players of the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre will know just how true this is. No matter how good your gameplan is, your success will depend on how well you can adapt to and counter your opponent’s strategy.

In earlier Company of Heroes games, every decision ranging from what to build or where to move all the way down to micromanaging individual units in combat had to be made in the heat of the moment, but now, the developers behind Company of Heroes 3 have sought to give newer players to the genre more control, by providing them as much time as they need to think through their next move.

In Single Player Campaigns and vs AI Skirmish, Tactical Pause allows players to pause the game at any point during a battle, queue up orders for multiple units, and then press play and watch the action unfold. It also allows players to call in fire support, expand their bases, and scan around the map all while paused effectively relieving the “real-time” pressure of making decisions on the fly.

Company of Heroes 3 is currently available for pre-order and launches on February 23rd on PC.

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