Ghost Recon Breakpoint - The Gear

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - The Gear

Ghost Recon Breakpoint features 19 pieces of real 5.11 gear. Everything from patches to our legendary packs and pants. Instead of focusing on all the pieces, we have selected a few pieces to give you their background and how they were developed.

tom clancy ghost recon breakpoint gear

Apex Pant

We built our reputation on building some of the best pants. Adopted by military and law enforcement units because of their innovative fabrics and design.

The Apex pant was an answer to a problem posed by an elite law enforcement unit that wanted a pant that had tactical features but could easily blend in. This meant a new fabric that didn’t look like ripstop, hidden cargo pockets for gear, and much more.

The final Apex pant included the ability to carry mags that didn’t print, hidden pockets for escape-and-evade items, and 5.11’s proprietary performance fabrics. One of the neat hidden features is the flex cuff (or any flexible tool of that size) pocket that lines the waistband. A great pant with all the tactical features needed for covert operations. 

Check out the rest of the details here.


apex range pants from ghost recon

RUSH 12, 24, 72 backpacks

Often copied but never duplicated, the RUSH series of backpacks set the standard for a rugged backpack.

Designed by SGM Kyle Lamb (retired SOF) and founder of Viking Tactics. He spent 19 years with Special Operations and fought in the famous battle made popular by the movie Black Hawk Down. His combat experience allowed him to come up with ideas based on his years on the battlefield that would work in these high-risk environments. Not only did he want to create a pack that worked well while fighting but he also wanted something he could use on his outdoor adventures.

The RUSH series comes in 3 sizes and each size references the amount of gear it could carry for a certain amount of time. The RUSH 12 is ideal for carrying items that can sustain you for 12 hours out in the bush or urban environments. The RUSH 24 accommodates 24 hours of gear and the 72, up to 72 hours of gear and provisions. The bags are covered in molle webbing so you can expand their carrying capabilities or customize them for your needs. 

Check out the entire RUSH series of bags here.

rush tactical backpack from ghost recon


Versatility reimagined. The AMP Bag represents years of research and learning what our users wanted out of a pack. Highly adaptable with various pieces to build out a bag that works for your needs using the 5.11 Gear Sets.

Featuring our patented HexGrid system that allows you to mount gear at different angles. 

The AMP Bags come in various sizes, check them out.

All Hazards Pack

The All Hazards pack was designed by a former Marine who became a part of the counter-terrorism unit in California as well as having 20 years with a SWAT Unit.

The bag was based on an “All Hazard” approach that a person might come in contact with. From natural disasters to tactical responses to active killers, this bag is meant to do it all. You can read an interview we did with the designer here.

all hazards backpack ghost recon

Tac Tec Plate Carrier

Like all 5.11 products, we approached the plate carrier in a way where we decided to reinvent the classic carrier and add features our inner circle of tactical teams and Special Operations soldiers were looking for.

Some of the improvements included a quick release system to remove the vest in case of injury, laser cut molle for increased strength, and an elastic cumber bun for optimized mobility and comfort. Loaded with comfort features the Tac Tac plate carrier has also become a favorite with strength athletes who use weighted plates instead of ballistic plates to increase their workout challenge. 

See all the features here.

tactec plate carrier from ghost recon


For more info on Ghost Recon Breakpoint visit the official website and for more gear from 5.11 check out our newest arrivals or browse by category.

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