Readiness in Motion: Q&A With Fitness Trainer, Francheska Martinez

fitness trainer francheska martinez

If readiness starts with physical fitness, few can claim to “Always Be Ready” like fitness trainer Francheska Martinez, better known as Francheska Fit.

In just a few short years, Francheska has grown a massive social media following as a personal trainer and fitness advocate who promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all. Based in Austin, TX, Francheska trains all fitness levels both online and in-person for a variety of fitness regimens. We sat down with her to learn more about her background, strategies for staying fit and getting motivated, and more:

Q: Tell us about yourself: who are you, where are you from, and how you got into fitness and personal training?

A: “My name is Francheska Martinez, known as Francheska Fit in the fitness world and online. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and now live in Austin, Texas as of 2018. 

Growing up, I was always into some activity ranging from Karate to soccer to dance. Like many other Americans, when I got to college, I gained a lot of weight from my unhealthy lifestyle, and I took my first fitness class as an elective to learn more about the body. That’s where I found my passion for movement and fitness, taking on Exercise Sports Science as an additional degree. After graduating from the university, I decided to follow my passion for fitness and began to pursue fitness professionally.”

Q: Tell us about your business. What are some of the training programs you’re currently offering?

A: “My training business incorporates both online and in-person training. Online I offer educational programs breaking down some of my favorite bodyweight training techniques (the Bodyweight Fundamentals Course), as well as follow-along video programs. The latest program, Primal Flow 1.0 Challenge, will be launching on March 15th, including single kettlebell and bodyweight full-length workouts.”

Q: What would you say is the core of your fitness/training philosophy?

A: “Most of my training revolves around having good movement technique and prioritizing quality over quantity. Essentially, we want to master the basics before we utilize any sophisticated or dynamic movements.”

Q: What does your typical fitness routine look like daily? Weekly?

A: “Typically, I aim to train 5 days a week. In an ideal week, I would start the week with low intensity, focusing on mobility on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays would be strength-focused. Wednesday is high-intensity, and at the end of the week, I taper the intensity back down by focusing on mobility again. Then Saturday and Sundays are active rest days, reserved for some light walking or hiking, swimming, or more mobility work”.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite workout?

A: “Currently, my favorite workout is going for a ride on my mountain bike. My least favorite workout would be running, only because after so many small injuries, it has become very taxing.”

Q: How important would you say stretching is? And what do you recommend—dynamic vs. static, before working out or after?

A: “Taking the time to stretch is essential for long-term health and fitness! I would recommend doing dynamic stretches before a workout, static stretches after a workout, and even your days off.”

 Francheska Martinez interview

Q: What’s the first thing you look for in your workout clothing?

A: “Having high-quality materials that are stretchy, supportive, and durable is the most important thing, followed by the fit and style. It’s super important for me to have clothes that I find comfortable enough to wear all day if necessary.”

Q: Everyone gets hung up on numbers like body weight, BMI, mile-times, etc. What would you say is the most important number to focus on when getting in shape?

A: “In my opinion, tracking BMI and your weight gives you values that are kind of difficult to quantify. If the scale reads 150lbs, how much of that is muscle vs. fat? When it comes to weight loss, I prefer to focus on lean body mass or fat percentage; this will give you a better idea of how much fat compared to muscle your body has. For me, tracking my body fat percentage has allowed me to focus on gaining more muscle, which actually aids in fat loss!”

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who struggles with getting/staying motivated?

A: “Try to cultivate a sense of gratitude for your body. I found it easier to stick to my training regimen when I traded “motivation” for “gratitude.” Instead of just focusing on the immediate goals that I want to reach, I try to focus on how I want to feel as I age and achieve long-term health and wellness.”

Q: What are some fitness milestones beginners should strive toward?

A: “These might be more of a wellness milestone, but I would suggest: 

  1. Drinking 64oz of water throughout the day
  2. Sleeping 7-9 hours per night 
  3. Doing any type of movement (working out, walking, stretching, riding a bike) for a minimum of 4 times a week”

Q: What does your diet generally consist of? What are some general dietary guidelines you would recommend to people who just starting?

A: “Following the 80/20 rule has worked out very well for me, this is where 80% of your diet comes from whole foods, and the other 20% is more indulgent. I enjoy eating lots of greens, fresh fruit, high-quality meats, grains like rice and oats, as well as lots of vegetables.”

Q: Do you have any tips/recommendations for working out/training at home?

A: “Create a training schedule that includes rest days as well. Remember that everyday doesn’t have to be high intensity, so be sure to include low-intensity days as well. Focus on your long-term goals, and pace yourself.”

Q: What does “Always Be Ready” mean to you?

“To me, ‘Always Be Ready’ means having a strong and functional body that is capable of performing any task at hand.”


Follow Francheska on Instagram @francheskafit and be sure to visit to learn more about her current fitness programs.

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