Workout Clothes you Can Wear to Work

workout clothes that you can wear to work

Workout Clothes You Can Wear to Work

For many of us, the desire to workout and reap the benefits is there – it’s the doing it that can be a problem. How many excuses have you come up with on why you’ll skip today and start tomorrow?

“It’s raining and pretty cold outside.”

“I didn’t sleep very good. I could use an extra hour of sleep.”

“I’m still sore from all the yard work we did. We’ll go tomorrow.”

Yep, there are a million of them. One of the oldest pieces of advice on how to make it easier to get to the gym and get a workout in is to set out your workout clothes the night before. But what if you exercise after work or in the evenings? Having to go to the trouble of changing out of work clothes and into workout clothes turns into just another excuse on why you can’t go.

There is a convenient solution for that. Workout clothes you can wear to work.

With today’s work environment being more casual, and many even working from home now, the ability to wear workout clothes that can pass the work clothes test is not an issue. 

Athletic Business Casual Attire

Now more than ever, business casual (or less) is common in the workplace. Besides “Mad Men”-style law offices and Wall Street firms, suits have gone the way of flip phones. That makes it much easier for savvy companies to disguise workout clothes as work clothes – call it athleisure wear for work. 

Athletic Professional Attire for Women

Yoga pants, or leggings, are a great option, as a simple pair of black leggings goes with about any top. But the key is to stick to solid, boring colors like black, navy, and even maroon. Avoid those wild leopard-print patterns at all costs. Also choose a style that is a bit dressier in appearance, while still maintaining the stretch and performance qualities you need in a workout pant.

Pair the leggings with a lightweight top like a flowy tunic. This style of top blends seamlessly with leggings and can take you from the workplace to the gym without breaking a sweat.

To add a touch of class to your athleisure wear for work, a casual blazer makes a great accessory. I mean, no one is going to question the rest of your outfit if you’re wearing a blazer, right? Make sure to choose one that is wrinkle-free and made of a breathable fabric, so you don’t get too warm.

Athletic Professional Attire for Men

Fellas, you must be a bit more strategic when it comes to wearing workout clothes to work, depending on your work environment, of course. That cutoff t-shirt with gym shorts ensemble just isn’t going to fly.

But you may be able to get away with a t-shirt, provided it has a nice, tailored fit and is a solid color. No graphic Star Wars or monster movie tees allowed.

If in doubt, throw on a wool top or sweater over your tee and then take it off before you exercise.

Shorts may not be a viable option, but you can rock a nice pair of athletic pants with a bit of flex to them. These are a great option if your workout takes you off the beaten path on a trail run, cycle, or other outdoor adventure.

Browse our wide selection of men’s and women’s athletic wear for work so that no matter the time or place, you can Always Be Ready®. 

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