Your Guide to the Best Waterproof Work Boots

a pair of waterproof tactical boots in a shallow stream of water.

When you work outside in all types of weather, high-quality waterproof work boots make a huge difference in staying comfortable and dry.  

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Work Boots

Waterproof work boots have built-in features that keep your feet dry even if they get submerged in water. On the other hand, water resistant work boots are usually sprayed with water-resistant material that protects your feet from splashes of water. 

You can find some of the best waterproof boots here at 5.11 Tactical. We offer such a variety of sizes and styles of waterproof boots that we're confident you'll find your perfect work boots here. Below are some exceptional waterproof boots that will give your feet maximum protection and comfort at work. 

Best Options for Waterproof Work Boots - Our Picks

8-Inch Side-Zip Waterproof Boots

Skip the laces and get suited up fast with our 8-inch side-zip waterproof boots for work. These 5.11 Tactical boots are a time saver because of the flap and zipper on each boot's side, making it easy to slip them on and off. 

Additionally, these waterproof boots for work have extra space at the top in case you have wide ankles or want to tuck in your pants to keep the cuffs dry. These waterproof side-zip boots also have an interior gusset behind the zipper. The gusset keeps water from penetrating the boot if you submerge your foot in water. 

A.T.A.C 8-Inch Shield Boots

Our A.T.A.C 8-inch shield boots are insulated waterproof work boots that come with anti-fatigue technology for maximum comfort. If your work requires you to wear work boots for extended periods, then A.T.A.C 8-inch shield boots are excellent choices because of their composite toe cap and midsole, which ensure that your feet have long-lasting comfort and sturdy protection. 

Additionally, A.T.A.C 8-inch shield boots have a waterproof membrane that guarantees maximum water protection as you work. On top of that, the boots have an antimicrobial-treated insole for odor control and a full leather upper for extra style and protection. 

XPRT 6-Inch Waterproof Boots

Do you prefer lightweight waterproof work boots? Our 5.11 XPRT 6-inch waterproof boots may be rugged in appearance, but they have advanced cushioning technology and a Vibram Ananasi outsole that makes them durable, lightweight, and comfortable. 

These insulated waterproof work boots also feature a built-in membrane that provides maximum protection against water. The XPRT 6-inch waterproof boots have an odor-resistant fabric and a shock-mitigation system to enhance support. They also have a strong-grip tread pattern, making these XPRT 6-inch waterproof boots one of the most comfortable water-resistant work boots on the market. 

All boots from 5.11 Tactical are designed to be the toughest work boots you can find with exceptional comfort, fit, and quality.  

Which of the above waterproof boots for work do you think is best for you?

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