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Style# 56211

Charlotte Crossbody

Average rating of 90%

Regular Price: $89.99

Special Price $49.99

Purpose Built

A woman wants to feel like a woman, even when she's at the range, so we've taken all of the best tactical features of our Pistol Case and upped the style with the Charlotte Crossbody Range Purse.

Features and Benefits

  • TacTec System™ compatible pistol compartment
  • Dedication accessory pockets integrated with internal compression straps to reduce motion
  • Zippered interior pocket


  • Bartacks at specific stress points
  • Admin panel with concealed twin mag pocket
  • Main flap closure with 2 16mm magnet closure
  • V.XI deboss and dog tags
  • Dimensions: 7.5" H x 10"W x 4" D; 24" shoulder strap drop
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.5 average rating

(based on 2 reviews)

90 %

Love it !

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Rosa


Really impressed, with this little purse. The the design of the purse is cute and fashionable. It has plenty of compartment inside.The compartment for the gun is awesome! Love the magnetic closure.I find it comfortable to retrieve my gun and not have my hand get stuck when I pull my hand gun out. Its discreet and looks like part of the design. Easy to even slide in my hand and get a good grip. No zipper to fuss with or cumbersome. I would like a black or grey color option. Plus the purse shoulder strap should be wide to distribute the weight. I have had it as my primary purse for over two years. The stitching has help and the lining hasn't fallen apart. Very happy !

Well organized interior. CCW compartment could use improvement.

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Chris


Purchased the Charlotte Crossbody for my wife. Overall, she is happy with the bag and it has outlasted a number of her previous CCW purses.

My wife has been through a number of off-brand, leather, CCW purses. Previous purses always lacked interior organization for her EDC and personal items; or the interior lining quickly fell apart under the load of her EDC tools. She carries normal purse stuff plus a flashlight, tac knife, Leatherman juice, pen, sharpie, and C2 taser.

Interior of the Charlotte Crossbody is limited, as it is a smaller purse. That being said, my wife is able to fit her full EDC, plus her purse essentials. Interior offers sufficient organization and the pockets hold up well to the weight of her tools.

One drawback is the CCW compartment on the back of the bag. It is an open top, velcro lined, sleeve style pocket. When not carrying on body, she keeps her Keltec PF9 and spare mag in the purse compartment using a Maxpedition Universal CCW holster. The velcro backing strip of the holster was too long to let the Keltec sit low in the CCW compartment. I cut the holster down to length to let the pistol ride deeper in the pocket.

Even with the muzzle as low as it will go in the pocket, the width of the Keltec PF9 (single stack) causes the compartment to push away from the main body of the purse. This leaves the compartment open at the top and allows anyone looking down on the bag to see the back strap of the pistol and the top of her spare mag. She gets around this by keeping a scarf wrapped figure 8 around the shoulder strap to conceal the pocket entirely, or stuffing a bandanna into the open top of the compartment to conceal the pistol.

The purse comes with a cardboard representation of a Glock 26 in the compartment. I do not realistically see any way for the compartment to conceal a double stack firearm completely if you carry a reasonable amount of stuff inside the purse.

Overall, I would recommend this purse to individuals looking for a CCW purse as long as you are willing to make some accommodations. Well built, she likes the look, and it has already outlasted many alternative bags tried in the past.

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