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Style# 56134

COVRT™ M4 Shorty

Average rating of 83%

Purpose Built

A smaller, accelerated version of our original M4 covert rifle bag, the M4 Shorty offers the same inconspicuous appearance and tactical utility in a compact, lightweight frame designed to support operations that require high mobility and a low profile.

Features and Benefits

  • Covert rifle case with Integrated R.A.C.™
  • QuickTact accessory strap
  • Ambidextrous carry system


  • 500D tear-resistant nylon construction
  • External compartment sized for a 5.11® Bail Out Bag
  • Padded interior
  • Reinforced grab and go handles
  • Durable Duraflex® hardware
  • YKK® self-healing zippers throughout
  • Water and weather resistant
  • 28.5” H x 12” L x 2.5” D main compartment
  • 20.75” x 10” x 3.75” front compartment
  • 1503 cubic inch / 25 liter total capacity
  • Dual zip 180 degree access on front and main compartments
  • Molded grip pulls on all zippers
  • Internal weapon retention straps
  • Padded muzzle cup
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.2 average rating

(based on 6 reviews)

83 %

Lacking 1 thing

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Eric


Great bag except there is no where to hold any magazines.

Perfect for Tavor16

 Rated 5.0 stars

From TOM


I wanted discreet bag for my Tavor and bought 5.11 bag based on dimensions posted on the website. If I place it in muzzle cover it's tight fit (still zips fine). I also had my RDS with protective cover on it, and no problem fitting in there.
Front pocket is wide open and no dividers, I just place a low profile chest rig with mags and works just fine. I can even toss eyepro and earpro and the panel "widens" as more items are tossed in. Great design.
For anyone using Tavor this is the perfect bag.

Barely Fits IWI Tavor w/16.5 barrel

 Rated 4.0 stars

From MaddMoxx


I bought this specifically for my IWI Tavor with 16.5 barrel if you don't use the Padded muzzle cup it fits perfectly, if you do it's a very tight fit. If you opt to put on aftermarket muzzle breaks/falsh suppressors on your tavor than forget it it won't fit. In addition 20.75” x 10” x 3.75” front compartment is just a bit empty void with no molle. However I purchased the COVRT™ SMALL INSERT to remedy this. I have 4 AR double mag pouches attched to the front and on the backside I put a 6.10 vertical pouch to store other items. What I like best about the Covrt Insert is that I can easily move it from one bag to another.

Tight fit for 10.5" SBR

 Rated 4.0 stars


from North East Texas

My 10.5" SBR is about 1 inch too long but I stuffed it into the bag and streached the zipper over it. Other than that it is a great carrier of my SBR, 4 mags, and suppressor.

Top Quality/ 'Hidden' Design

 Rated 4.0 stars

From KSN

from Tempe, AZ

At first, I was hesitant to purchase this product given the review "Top Quality/ Design Not So Good". However trusting in 5.11 quality and wanting an inconspicuous way to transport my Keltech KSG to and from the range, I made the purchase.

I am pleased to report that the design concern in the previous review do not/(or no longer exist).

D-rings are not used in the harness strap anchoring. Instead tight C-rings are used that can be slipped out of place to then position the primary harness strap for either left or right side carry. Leaving right handed conceal carriers free to draw unimpeded.

So while they look like solid D-rings, the 1/4 inch gap makes this design solid and easily adaptable for the side you want to carry on.

My only caution, is that the Covert M4 Shorty is missing some of the features of the regular sized Covert M4: It does not have a retention device for LE purchasers on the small compartment or the other LE oriented minor features one might assume to be present in the smaller version.

Being that I do not need those, it is not an issue. However one feature I think this bag does need is an interior MOLLE strapping for the ability to customize and accessorize user specific applications in both the primary and secondary compartments (ie attachments or ammo/magazine pouches, etc.) And while it might sound overkill, it seems to me it's better that MOLLE be there, and be left unused, than not be there and needed.)

Overall product is well built, holds my firearm fast and secure and is comfortable and just a solid covert bag. Highly recommended!

Top Quality/Design Not So Good

 Rated 4.0 stars

From ResAgent

from San Antonio TX

The Covert M4 Shorty exhibits 5.11's usual high quality materials & construction. The main carry strap is widely padded, distributing the weight of the contents comfortably across your shoulder. I have NEVER been disappointed with the quality of 5.11 products and this bag continues that tradition.

Although this bag is billed as being for the "M4" I am using it to carry a much shorter rifle (as some other customers might do). This is where the problem starts. Inside the main compartment there is a well designed pocket at the bottom to cradle the butt of a rifle. There is a "internal barrel catch and attachment strap" designed to tie down the barrel of an M4 rifle. The strap mounting point is set at a height to accommodate the M4 and is not adjustable for barrels of shorter rifles. 5.11 could have made that mounting point adjustable (or have two or three mounting points for different length barrels) at very low cost but this was not done, a design decision I take exception with.

Outside the bag, the quick release shoulder strap is designed to be adjustable for right-side or left-side carry. It takes seconds to switch the bag to your choice of right or left side carry. The main shoulder strap is VERY comfortable. My design concern is with the "cross body stabilizing strap." When the bag arrived the cross body stabilizing strap was set up for right shoulder carry. I want to change to left should carry. I can see mounting points on the bag and quick release shoulder strap where the cross body stabilizing strap should be mounted for left shoulder carry but I cannot find a way to make this adjustment/change. There are no instructions included showing how to do this. I have spent significant time studying the mounting points and, short of breaking the plastic D-rings, I have not found a way to make this happen. I believe this is another design issue that 5.11 should look into.

If you have an M4 you will have less concern with the setup of the bag's interior than I have. If you are a "righty" carrying a holstered pistol on your right hip and you want the bag out of the way on your left side/shoulder you will identify with my concern on the cross body stabilizing strap. All in all, 5.11 has made a very good bag the fills a very specific need. Even with the issues mentioned, I can recomend this bag.

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