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Style# 56970


Average rating of 85%

Purpose Built

Designed to house a collapsible stock M4 and critical accessories while remaining inconspicuous, the COVRT™ M4 covert gun bag provides superior tactical utility in a broad range of operational environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Covert gun bag with integrated R.A.C.™
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Internal weapon retention straps


  • 500D tear-resistant nylon
  • Padded muzzle cup
  • QuickTact accessory strap
  • Ambidextrous carry system
  • External compartment sized for a 5.11® Bail Out Bag
  • Padded interior
  • Reinforced grab and go handles
  • 32” H x 12” L x 2.5” D main compartment
  • 21.75” x 10” x 3.5” front compartment
  • 1705 cubic inch / 28 liter total capacity
  • Dual zip 180 degree access on front and main compartments
  • Durable Duraflex® hardware
  • YKK® self-healing zippers throughout
  • Molded grip pulls on all zippers
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.3 average rating

(based on 28 reviews)

85 %

Great bag!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Edge


AR-15, with a 16" barrel and collapsed stock fits perfectly inside. Plenty of extra storage for magazines and any other items you might need. Solid construction.

Great bag!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Sam


I bought one to hold a Kel Tec KSG. The bag is the perfect length to hold a KSG, with muzzle brake and red dot sight. Like the above, the only thing I can think of that would make it better would be to divide the lower compartment to better control magazines, or in my case, boxes of 12-gauge 00 buckshot. It's great to be able to sling the bag over my shoulder, and have no one even question what I'm carrying. This bag is perfect to stash your long-ish gun in the back seat for your commute. If I ever get a motorcycle, something tells me the bag and I will be inseperable.

You won't be disappointed

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Lewis


I use this bag with my 14.5"build with a SpecWar Brake, and it works perfectly. I attached two double mag pouches to the webbing in the top pocket and it works great. I also found that the bottom pocket works well for carrying a small range bag or a loaded out chest rig. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good discreet bag that won't freak out the neighbors.

It is exactly what it says it is, COVERT

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Dirtrag66

from Reno, NV

This bag allows me to carry my M4 in an enviroment while on duty without alarming people. After practicing with this bag I have developed a quick way to open the bag and deploy my weapon. Great product. I would hope 5-11 continues to develope this bag as so the M4 could be more rapidly deployed.

Good Bag with a lousy strap

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Lady J Warrior

from New Mexico

The bag does a good job of looking like a sports bag and not a rifle bag. More color choices would be nice to support the sports bag look. The big back strap needs to be offset at the top (not just at the bottom) for right or left side carry. I think cross body style is nice but there should be a backpack strap option as well. The little support strap is worthless. It is detachable and pops loose from the bag unexpectedly. When the top pouch contains fully loaded magazines or ammo the bag becomes bag top heavy and wants to slide off the shoulder. The bag needs some internal supports or rigidity so it better retains its shape when carried. I would like to see the big outside compartment include some internal webbing to secure items within the compartment. I also think the bag would work better if the small compartment was at the bottom. Overall, a good attempt to create a better stealth bag.

Very good, 2 minor drawbacks

 Rated 5.0 stars

From The Annoyed Man

from Grapevine, Texas

I bought this case primarily to keep a carbine on the backseat floor of an SUV in something which doesn't shout "GUN IN HERE!!!" In that role, it excels; but I probably won't be using it regularly to transport the carbine to the range because I have a bigger case for that purpose which holds two rifles plus more stuff. That said, I might possibly use it for range use if I was only taking one rifle to the range.

This gun bag does fulfill the mission of providing a stealthy way to carry a carbine, or to keep one in your vehicle. It is good looking, does not look "tactical," and it is well enough put together for general civilian use. The colors are more in line with other casual "civilian" camping/hiking gear, and to the "not tactically minded" it looks like it might be a skateboard pack (its length makes it obviously something other than "general use" daypack). It is also comfortable to wear and supports the weight of a carbine, 4 loaded 30 round magazines, and a few sundries without strain. The cross mounted shoulder strap is easy to get in and out of, and the side carry handle is functional.

The two external pockets could be better designed specific to carrying gear for a firearm. I put spare magazines in the bottom pocket which is the larger of the two, but there is no means of restraining them so they just collect in the bottom of the pocket when the case is carried vertically, and if you were running, anything in that pocket would just rattle around in there. I would suggest buying smaller soft containers that will fit in that pocket to organize your gear in. The upper pocket has loops for MOLLE straps, but not enough real room to store larger items. Construction and materials used are plenty good enough for day to day civilian use.

Anything which adds even a little bit to the length of a 16" barreled AR will make this case a very tight fit. Mine has a Vortex flash suppressor which is marginally longer than the standard A2 birdcage, and an VLTOR EMod stock which is also marginally longer than the stock shown in the product pictures. That combination BARELY fits in the case.....but it does fit. Barely. There is sufficient room crosswise to snugly accommodate an inserted 30 round magazine and a mounted scope, but length is the real limiting factor.

I don't think this case will deceive the "tactically-minded" about what's in it, and it might even excite curiosity about what's in it from a purposeful thief, but most people are simply not that observant. If your purpose is simply to not alarm people or to draw too much attention to yourself while actually carrying your carbine, I think this pack will fulfill that purpose fairly well and if your primary transportation is a motorcycle, this would be a very good way to transport a carbine. If you want to keep a carbine length long gun in the trunk of your car or on the backseat floor in something that doesn't look like a gun case, this would also be a good choice for that. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

Great Bag

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Bill Larson

from Texas

It's primary use is to transport my rifle(s).

Needs work

 Rated 3.0 stars

From JV3499

from Pittsburgh

I wanted to use this bag as a all in one case that would allow me to carry my rifle to and from work, deploy the rifle in an active shooter situation and use the bag as my active shooter go bag. Several problems exist with this mindset and it is clear that it was not a consideration. It could be easily fixed by adding magazine pouches to the bottom of the bag or dividing the lower blow out pouch in two and on the lower portion adding ambidextrous zipper access and a molle system that would allow me to place modular m-4 magazines there. The portion of the case above it could house the first aid kit and the area above that wear the molle is now could be for smaller items and other important things like duct tape, water bottles and some meal replacement bars. Also, add another cross body strap attachment to the opposite side. The cross body strap is a great idea but I am a right handed shooter using a blueforce sling which means that my bag would go over like a lefty, which means that if the mag pouches were where I want them I could access them with my left hand pretty darn fast. Yes, this would be about perfect if it was a little better thought out. It would be grand to have one patrol bag for normal LEO work and then one bail out bag that also contains my long arm. Yep. Only having to make one trip to the car to load and unload during the tour would be grand.

Product Review

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Bill Larson

from Texas

No Mag storage. Needs more attachment points inside. More organization for internal bulk compartments.

COVRT M4 right for my Mech-Tech

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Knock1st

from Fairfax, VA

Great piece of professional gear.


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