More About Tactical Pouches

Proper storage is the backbone of any tactical loadout. With our wide and versatile range of pouches you can be ensured to find one that is suitable for you and your needs. The 5.11 Tactical Velcro & Molle pouches provide the customization, reliability, and storage capacity you need on any of your missions. The 5.11 web gear-compatible MOLLE pouches are designed to offer:

    • Quick accessibility
      The pouches we sell are designed and secured to make your essential gear and personal items easily accessible to you.
    • Secure carrying
      All of the pouches are designed to secure the items that you are carrying. Keeping you and others safe at all times.
    • Complete weather protection
      The materials that the pouches are made of can stand hard weather conditions by being waterproof and made out of durable fabrics.
    • Fully customizable functionality tailored to your specific role.
      The pouches are available in a wide range of colors, functions, and closure styles. Whether the pouch is supposed to be used in your professional or outdoor life, there is a pouch to suit your specific lifestyle.

From our full-sized padded tactical pouches to our interchangeable MOLLE vest pouches to our individualized magazine and ammunition storage packs, 5.11 tactical pouches give you the freedom, flexibility, and performance you need to overcome any obstacle.

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