More About Patrol Duty Uniforms

5.11 Tactical Patrol Duty Uniforms are the definitive choice for those who stand on the front lines. Combining practicality with endurance, these uniforms are designed to meet the challenges of public safety professionals.

  • Advanced Fabric Features: Our shirts feature waterproof sections for elemental resistance, complemented by breathable fabrics for comfort. Pants and shorts are crafted for high performance and durability, suitable for both field and station.
  • Tactical Utility and Comfort: Features like cargo pockets, pen slots, and dedicated elbow pad pockets enhance functionality, while adjustable cuffs and gusseted designs ensure comfort and mobility.
  • Attention to Detail: Uniforms are designed with a keen eye for detail, offering a clean, authoritative look that doesn't compromise tactical capability.
  • Versatile for All Personnel: With designs that cater to both men and women, these uniforms are created to fit the demands and dimensions of all public safety professionals.

In every shift and every scenario, 5.11 Tactical Public Safety Uniforms stand up to the task, offering the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and tactical readiness.

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