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  1. $140.00
    Exos Rain Shell Jacket
  2. $210.00
    Acadia Down Jacket
  3. $190.00
    Atmos Warming Jacket
  4. $90.00
    Plummet Jacket
  5. $150.00
    Tac-Dry Rain Shell 2.0
  6. $140.00
    Chameleon Softshell Jacket™ 2.0
  7. $140.00
    Preston Jacket
  8. $48.00
    Engage Fleece Crew
  9. $72.00
    Stratos 1/4 Zip
  10. $50.00
    Tropos Long Sleeve Baselayer Top
  11. $50.00
    Tropos Baselayer Tight
  12. $270.00
    5-IN-1 Jacket 2.0
  13. $311.00
    4-IN-1 Patrol Jacket 2.0
  14. $270.00
    3-IN-1 Parka 2.0
  15. $130.00
    Nevada Softshell Jacket
  16. $70.00
    Radar Packable Jacket
  17. $145.00
    Waterproof Rapid Ops Shirt
  18. $80.00
    Fast-Tac® Duty Jacket
  19. $110.00
    Tactical Fleece 2.0
  20. $115.00
    Duty Rain Shell
  21. $310.00
    Valiant Duty Jacket
  22. $95.00
    Taclite® Pro Vest
  23. $270.00
    Sabre Jacket 2.0™
  24. $150.00
    Double Duty Jacket™
  25. $330.00
    Bristol Parka
  26. $90.00
    Big Horn Jacket
  27. $80.00
    Response Jacket™
  28. $32.00
    6" Performance Boxer Brief 2.0
  29. $220.00
    Signature Duty Jacket
  30. $475.00
    XPRT® Waterproof Jacket
  31. $62.00
    Packable Raid Vest
  32. $70.00
    1/4 Zip Job Shirt
  33. $98.00
    Rapid Ops Shirt
  34. $66.00
    CAMS Short Sleeve Baselayer
  35. $45.00
    Utili-T Crew 3 Pack
  36. $32.00
    Loose Fit Crew Shirt
  37. $84.00
    5.11 Stryke® TDU® Rapid Long Sleeve Shirt
  38. $60.00
    Fast-Tac™ TDU® Rapid Shirt
  39. $68.00
    Rapid Assault Shirt
  40. $50.00
    Packable Jacket
  41. $290.00
    Responder Parka™
  42. $70.00
    Packable Operator Jacket
  43. $110.00
    LBE Tactical Vest
  44. $160.00
    Reversible Hi-Vis Rain Coat
  45. Regular Price $58.00 Special Price $38.49
    Engage Fleece Full Zip
  46. Regular Price $140.00 Special Price $94.49
    TAC DRY® Rain Shell
  47. Regular Price $85.00 Special Price $49.49
    Covert Vest
  48. Regular Price $40.00 Special Price $24.49
    Legacy Hoodie

Items 1-48 of 86

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More About Tactical Outerwears

Whether your job demands time spent outside in the elements or you’re an avid outdoorsman who enjoys roughing it for that next adrenaline rush or peaceful moment in nature, the outerwear you choose can have a significant impact on your comfort and ability to function at a high level.

Here at 5.11 Tactical, you’ll discover a wide range of men’s outerwear that is both tough and highly durable, while also providing the essential component – comfort. We feature everything from tactical jackets and windbreakers to parkas, vests, softshell jackets and many more.

In harsh, outdoor conditions, you need outerwear that provides superior protection from the elements such as rain, wind, snow, ice and cold temperatures. If your job takes you outside, you know just how important quality outerwear is. That’s why first responders, construction workers, painters, plumbers, electricians, roofers and others trust 5.11®️ to provide heavy-duty, long-lasting outerwear to keep them protected on the job.

For those tougher outdoor environments, our 4-in-1 Jacket™️ and 5-in-1 Jacket™️ are the only way to go. The 5.11®️ 5-in-1 Jacket™️ features a fleece liner with zip-off sleeves which offers five different configurations for the ultimate in adapting to changing climates and weather conditions. A high-performance waterproof/breathable patrol shell means when the sky opens up on you, you’ll stay dry and comfortable.

Why choose men’s outerwear from 5.11®️? Because our expert craftsmanship, modern materials and innovative technologies create outdoor clothing that can stand up to the elements season after season, year after year. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, reliability and dependability. What else could you want?

Browse our full line of tactical jackets and outerwear in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors and price points to find the perfect fit for you. We also stock a full line of dependable women’s tactical outerwear​​.

Looking for inspiration or more information on what to look for in outerwear? Then be sure to check out our outerwear resource guide to help answer your important questions.

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