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Style# 59358

Screen Ops Duty Gloves

Average rating of 60%


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Purpose Built

The 5.11® Screen Ops Duty Glove is engineered for seamless interaction with touch activated electronics such as smartphones or tablets without sacrificing patrol utility. Specially constructed fingertips allow the operation of capacitive resistance touch screen devices, while a seamless palm and the patented TacticalTouch™ finger design provide excellent tactility when driving, handling firearms, or performing pat-downs. A four-way stretch back panel and extended neoprene cuff ensure a snug, secure, and comfortable fit.



  • Second skin patrol glove
  • Touchscreen-friendly fingertips
  • TacticalTouch™ design enhances tactility
  • Four-way stretch back panel



  • Sheepskin construction
  • Seamless palm
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Secure hook and loop closure
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3 average rating

(based on 5 reviews)

60 %

Good Gloves

 Rated 4.0 stars

From BGH22888

from Colorado Springs, CO

I like this product. It takes a little getting used to the finger tip pads to use devices but it isn't bad. The stitching on mine started to losen a little but I cut the excess and they are fine now.

New tech tool that WORKS!

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Lizard

from Missouri

fingertips a bit big for small Ipod icons, but other touch surfaces GREAT


 Rated 3.0 stars

From Officer

from Montrose, CO

I have worn these gloves for about four days while on duty. The first I wore them was during a shotgun course and even with gloves on the tactical and combat reloads were very easy. Around the third day, the left seam on the left hand glove came undone. Each day I wore these gloves the temperature was below zero, but my hands seemed to stay fairly warm. Except for the seam issue, these gloves are great. Currently awaiting a new pair.

Very Poor Quality

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Disappointed Customer

from TX

Varying from pants to boots to knives, I love my 5.11 products and will continue to purchase them.
However, this item was extremely disappointing. These gloves lasted until the middle of my second shift that they were used. The stitching came undone by the right index finger/palm area while performing basic search procedures. The fingertips are designed to work with touch screens, but the stitching became undone and frayed within the first hour of use. Quite frankly, I do not see how these gloves can protect your hands during a search because of the materials and design. I am very surprised at the complete lack of quality this product possessed. I will still buy 5.11, but I would never recommend this particular product.

An Honest Review

 Rated 3.0 stars

From SomeCrazyStuff

from NewOrleans

I have had these since they first came out. As always, 5.11 shipped them to me extremely quickly - very satisfied in that regard. These gloves look to use excellent condition and very high quality materials, however, I have to question either the design or the craftmanship. 5.11 has provided excellence in both in everything else i have purchased from them, but these gloves began falling apart after only a handful of uses. I am a hardware technician working with machines having to take them apart and put back together. I used these for 2 calls where i didnt do much other than loosen and tighten a few screws and soon found that the stitching between my fingers was coming undone. this has continued and now i cannot wear the gloves because the fingers are coming apart. Also, i noticed these gloves do not provide much, if any, cold resistance. my fingers were bone cold while wearing these to the point where they were numb. I work in New orleans where it doesnt really get cold but for a few weeks, and then it rarely gets below 20. if my fingers were cold, I can only imagine someone up north.

as for the touch functionality - excellent work! however, like the stitching in between my fingers, the stitching in the fingerpads began fraying - again after only a handful of uses.

Perhaps i just received a "oops" pair. I mentioned that i bought these when they first came out so i suppose it is a possibility that the product i received was sold before the person(s) stitching them got into the routine of this product and made some unfortunate allowances. anything is possible. I will continue buying from 5.11 because they have always given superior quality with this one exception.

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