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Style# 59356

Screen Ops Tactical Gloves

Average rating of 64%
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Purpose Built

5.11® Screen Ops Tactical Gloves are engineered to provide seamless interaction with touchscreen devices without compromising maximum performance in tactical or patrol environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-role touchscreen compatible gloves
  • TacticalTouch™ design enhances tactility
  • Flame and slash resistant Kevlar® knit fabric__


  • Seamless goatskin palm for improved weapon handling
  • Secure hook and loop closure with closed gusset
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3.2 average rating

(based on 5 reviews)

64 %

nice warmer season tac wear

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Scott


I'm seeing the same complaint over and over on these gloves: "they dont hold up" These are NOT work gloves! they will separate at the seams if excess abuse is put on them, Nature of the beast with Kevlar material. This is why they are sized a bit larger to give a bit extra room for movement, these are essentially law enforcement Tac Duty gloves Not work gloves, they are made to protect the hands on duty without loosing too much tactile sensation heavier gloves cause. They allow a pat down without having to take them off, manipulation of radio and weapon controls, not digging ditches or hauling steel cables. As for sizes. This isnt JUST this glove. Industry wide, glove sizing is based on the circumference of the hand at the palm ignoring the length of the fingers. Ive had to have patrol gloves custom made because my ring and middle fingers are 4 3/4 inches long each... with all this in mind, and returning to these gloves in specific, they are well made, and do what they are made for, and do it well

Only good for using with phone

 Rated 2.0 stars

From Benhameen the Guatemalan

from Washington State

I namely bought this so that I could have some heavy duty gloves to work with my phone. My tob entails hauling heavy equipment, plus coiling long stretches of dirty heavy cable. On top of it all, I need to make calls to the rest of my crew, and it's very tedious to take off my gloves just so I can activate a touch screen, make my call, and then put gloves back on all over again. In my search for heavy duty gloves that were able to be used with a touch screen I came across these. Thinking you get what you pay for, I gladly went ahead with the order.

Within two days of general use with these, they started to wear, and the stitching has even torn in several places. No bueno.

My only other complaint is that these feel a touch too big. Granted, I would have gotten a pair smaller if I had that option, but sizes only start at small and not extra small. Most other places have that option, but I was willing to forgo it with having the ability to use my phone with gloves on.

Speaking of the touch ability for the use with a phone, it is great. I have no trouble whatsoever.

Overall, they're great for general use but not for what I require--something much more lasting and heavy duty.

Great gloves overall!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Mark

from Northern California

I like the ability to use a touch screen phone at any given moment as opposed to being in a nasty residence and having to remove my glove to utilize my iPhone. Overall, it's great quality. The only reason I spent extra on these gloves is because of my extreme respect for 511 products. I've worn Hatch to date and have now switched over.

The only thing I'd like to see for the future is I don't think you need the 'touchscreen' ability on every finger. Though it still has a good tacky grip, it's just not the same as the rest of the palm portion of the glove. Also, possibly lose the silver and switch it to black to match. Just aesthetics but would look better imho. Thanx again 511 for another quality product.

Interesting Gloves

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Mantis NYC

from New York City

The glove appear well, but not true to size. They are too small for me at XXL size. My middle finger is four inches in length, from where the palm of the hand ends and the finger starts.
The silver fingers tip are bit distracting, One should note also they are lite gloves suited for fall weather, not snow.

Terrible and will tear on you

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Bruce

from Gainesville, FL

Do NOT buy these gloves. After only a couple of days using them, they tore along two separate seems. They feel amazing when you first get them but what good are gloves if you cannot rely on them for more than a couple of days? BTW, the only use I did was prepare camp, built and start a fire, etc. It's not like I was abusing them or anything. I will be contacting 5.11 ASAP.

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