More About Tactical Duty Uniforms

5.11® Tactical Duty Uniforms (TDUs) embody tactical precision, crafted for those who demand the best functionality and durability. Every element is designed with the tactical professional in mind, from utility to comfort.

  • Optimized for Utility: Features like ReadyPockets™ for essential gear, reinforced articulated elbows, and cargo pockets compatible with the TacTec System™ ensure that every piece of equipment has its place.
  • Enhanced Durability and Comfort: Double-layered areas for extra resilience, mesh panels for ventilation, and flatlock seams for a comfortable fit even during extended wear.
  • Professional and Tactical: With concealed Melamine buttons, epaulette and badge tab kits, along with a mix of ripstop and plain weave fabrics, our uniforms balance a professional look with tactical functionality.
  • Customized Fit for Operational Readiness: Articulated designs with features like bust darts, adjustable blousing straps, and a variety of pocket styles cater to the unique needs of tactical operatives, ensuring mobility and a fit that's both functional and comfortable.

  • With 5.11® Tactical Duty Uniforms, you're not just dressed for the job; you're equipped for any challenge that comes your way with gear that's as tough and ready as you are.

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