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Stay in the Fight: Warrior's Guide to the Combat Pistol by SGM Kyle E. Lamb (ret)

Average rating of 100%

Purpose Built

In his second book, retired SMG Kyle E Lamb takes a close look at tactical pistol usage and techniques, combining real-world experience and common sense to provide readers with a sturdy foundation of knowledge and preparedness for deploying handguns in live fire situations.



  • A real world guide to the combat pistol



  • Authored by veteran tactician Kyle E. Lamb


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 5 average rating

(based on 2 reviews)

100 %

A must read

 Rated 5.0 stars

From A Warren

from Concord, CA

A must read for any LE or military Instructor or Operator. Well thought out and written. Filled full of photographs to accompany the text. Only negative the pages are printed on a thin paper.

Invaluable Tactics-Techniques-Procedures

 Rated 5.0 stars

From El Jericho

from El Paso, Texas

In this second book SGM Lamb succeeds in providing numerous invaluable tools to both the new and experienced operator/officer. He presents you "a way" and not "the way" unless through operational experience he has found a tactic to not be valid (yes there are some). Like all tactical training, you go from theory to application and keep what works best for you. His tactics and advice are based on operational experiences that tie in to both military and law enforcement areas of operation, and provide core fundamentals to both. I enjoyed SGM Lamb's humor and methodical approach to his tactics; I particularly enjoyed his directness when it came to some tactics that have become a sacred cow in some circles. Hey, just because it is black and has velcro/molle attachments (or someone claims sandbox status) does not make it a valid tool or technique! SGM Lamb not only provides suggestions, he also breaks them down and looks at them from all angles—legal, reality vs. the cool factor, and the obvious. For example on point shooting versus sighted fire, he comments that law enforcement professionals and military members must use sighted fire to quickly dominate situations, save the good guy and not injure innocent bystanders; with the distinction between and for contact shots. Another example is his promotion of shooting on the move as a basic skill. Far too many agencies feel that this is an advanced technique for advanced operators/officers when nothing could be further from the truth. Observations like these lend credence to his operational experience and skill as an instructor.The book is broken down into three parts: Part I covers Core Skills and has 12 chapters that include—stance, grip, sighting, the draw, and reloads. Part II on Tools of the Trade, has eight chapters that include—pistol selection, lights, and mindset. Part III on Intermediate/Advanced Skills, has 10 chapters that include—turns/facing movements, shooting on the move, weapons retention, and flashlight techniques. Each Part systematically progresses, appropriately beginning with Chapter 1—Safety and ending with Chapter 30—Last Round. All chapters address topics not only for the tactical operator, but also for the patrol and the undercover officer. Lastly, there are pictures, and hey, who doesn't like pictures? This book offers a large volume of knowledge with images to support every suggested technique. This allows you to transfer the written word into a mental image and provides you with references for future application. For those hoping for a book on competitive shooting tips, you will not find them here, as the focus of the book is combat shooting skills; the skills to WIN a gunfight where the ultimate outcome is you or an innocent victim's survival. This is a valuable addition to those who dare and are in the arena on a daily basis. STAY SAFE, BACK EACH OTHER UP, STAY ALIVE and WIN THE FIGHT..........Lawrence Lujan is a field operations sergeant with 20-plus years of service to the El Paso, Texas Police Department. A longtime member of the EPPD SWAT team, he was a key player as team leader, lead firearms instructor and overall tactics instructor of that Unit. Sergeant Lujan brings a very unique set of skills to the law enforcement arena, and has a wide and varied background in leadership, firearms and operational tactics.

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