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Style# 30012

Women’s Sleeveless Holster Shirt

Average rating of 64%
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Purpose Built

5.11®'s Women's Sleeveless Holster Shirt is an excellent CCW holster solution for female operators that is suitable for any environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Form-fitting
  • Enhanced durability, comfort, and movement
  • Evenly distributes the weight of your gear


  • 82% polyester / 18% spandex blend
  • Compression athletic fit
  • Available short-sleeve and long-sleeve
  • Crew neck
  • Saddle-shoulder design
  • Underarm mesh panels
  • Flatlock seams
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-dry
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3.2 average rating

(based on 9 reviews)

64 %

Love this Shirt

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Shellie


I have a gun with light and laser. I have a hard time finding a holster that will fit both me and my gun. I received this for Christmas and wear it every day. I love it and will be ordering one in white. I show everyone I know that conceals and recommend it to all my friends.

Need different neck

 Rated 4.0 stars

From dress clothes

from Kansas

I need one that has a v-neck or scoop neck to wear with ladies dress clothes.All so neck is to tight on the ladies.Hope you can make a new style for ladies that wear dress clothes.

Mixed Emotions

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Packin Annie

from Central IL

I was very excited to give this garment a try. I have a compact 1911 and a Flash Bang (for a 1911 3" barrel) will just not fit it. I wanted something I could wear everyday under my regular clothing.
I like the snug fit, but it needs more room in the hips to keep this shirt from riding up to my waist. A scoop neck or V neck would be much easier to conceal under today's fashion tops.
This is a very sheer top intended to be layered under other clothing. It's lightweight and not too hot when wearing it under other tops.
The shoulder padding is a bit bulky, and the closure tabs are very visible across the bust line. Lowering the openings would be helpful with this.
The pockets are a bit large and deep for my compact 9111. I have to really reach in and fish it out of the pocket. I am a bit "blessed" in the bust area and it is a far reach anyway, but when my weapon gets lost in the bottom of the pocket it is not a smooth quick draw like it needs to be.
This design may work better for smaller gals.
I really wish someone would come up with something like this top, but that would position the pocket between and under the breasts with a horizontal opening. I like the placement of the Flash Bang, but don't like it next to my skin under my bra.

needs to be modified to fit a woman's bo

 Rated 3.0 stars

From petite & packin

from Golden, CO

Great materials used and construction.
This item needs to be modified to work for a woman. The pocket opening is at breast level and my gun (SS Red Lady .380) slides way down to the bottom and is difficult to reach in and fish out.
The pocket should be situated right below and to the side of the breast with the opening to the inside instead of the opening being high up on the breast. I'm still searching for comfortable, well designed concealed carry garments/accessories that work with petite women who dress fashionably; not in loose t-shirts and jeans. Between and right below the breasts would work (and, no, I do not like the flashbang holster) OR right below and to the side of my breast (almost under my arm at my elbow. PLEASE DESIGN SOMETHING!!!! We are out here and are anxious to buy something that works!!!! Thanks!

Poorly designed for its function

 Rated 1.0 stars

From JB

from West Point, MS

I ordered the white version in a large. I received it promptly in the mail.

When I tried it on, it became apparent that this top runs extremely long. It would definitely stay tucked in. For me, it was loose in the bust and tight across the hip bones. The looseness in the bust meant that a handgun was not held tightly against the body, which I found less than ideal for safety.

The material is incredibly sheer. I would not feel at all comfortable wearing this by itself.

The pockets/holsters are very large, which did not work well. A large handgun would fit, but print very obviously, while a small handgun would slide down in the pocket so as to necessitate inserting one's whole hand in the pocket to draw. The small handgun rode very low on my body because the pockets were so deep--the gun was at my waist. This made concealment very tough. Concealing this was more difficult than concealing a small handgun worn on a belt.

Using a concealment garment did not help. The reinforcement in the shoulders was overkill, and it created a lot of bulky ridges and folds under my shirt that drew attention.

I had high hopes, but a redesign on this is required before I would consider it a viable carry option.

Great way to carry concealed!

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Amy

from Seattle, WA

Husband got this for me. I normally use the Flashbang bra holster (a good product by the way). I find this holster shirt to be a better way to carry daily.

The shirt is supposed to be form fitting, it is shear yes, but meant to be an under shirt. My Ruger LC9 carries VERY well in the pockets, which did not seem too deep. The pistol was easily accessible. The pistol also almost vanished under a normal T-shirt.

I also tried my husbands M&P 9c in it and it also carried pretty well. There was a slight buldge under a standard T-shirt but not really noticable to anyone who did not know what to look for.

That is what this shirt is meant for, carrying a small or compact pistol/revolver under other garments. I find it more confortable than having a holster connected to my bra where the muzzle is right under my breast.

The only issue I really have is the pocket location. The opening for the pockets are right on my breasts. It works, just feels a little awkward as I instinctively want to reach further back.

Works great! thanks 5.11 !

Good for handwarmers, not only handguns

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Hermit

from Cold country

My wife has a low tolerance for cold weather. I bought one of these concealment undergarments and put one hand warmer in each side... problem solved... so now she can enjoy our cold weather activities much more. Also, she has worn my concealment garment but it was too tight around the hips and was really pleased that the company started making a version for the ladies... it has a nicer fit and support for the female anatomy.

Did a woman actually design this?

 Rated 1.0 stars

From HB

from Texas

Was very excited about this shirt - quickly became very disappointed after putting it on.
Fabric too sheer/tight to wear by itself, the shirt itself too awkward to manage beneath even a simple button up. The padding is so thick, it literally bulges off the body, whilst the stretchy fabric clings tightly to the body. Tried a couple diff sizes, even tried other shirts of the same size to see if a mistake on one. All the same result.
The opening of the pocket sat on the center of my breast, bringing too much odd attention to that area, and making it awkward to place/draw my weapon. Perhaps if they offered a smaller pouch with a lower pocket opening for smaller concealed...??
The idea is great, but this shirt does not work for me, I don't own enough clothing big enough to cover this shirt. A lower scoop neck would be a great thing also.

Design team, please listen!

 Rated 3.0 stars

From WholeBrainArtist

from KellerTX

Great theory but only a "good execution." You've forced me to the drawing board!

Had high hopes even considering the older comments here. It's true though, this top is nearly impossible to conceal completely at the neckline, hence (in black) it works wonderfully "at home" as a tank top. Would also be great out and about, but ONLY worn under an open front shirt or jacket.

Love love love that it fits like "shapewear" so smooths you out from chest through hipline (yes, it flattens the chest area a little). It feels like a continuous hug! Stays tucked even in the lowest-cut jeans. I'm very small busted and have no complaints about the depth of the pockets. Watch the video and you'll see how low the handgun "carries" on the female model wearing that gorgeous White version. My main problems (other than the unconcealablely-high neckline) are 1) White-is-beautiful but impractical at such a price-point (give us Nude or at least Khaki tan); 2) Beef-Up the two teensy weensy 3/4" square Velcro(R) closures (give us a 3.5" strip to a 4" mate or similar).

I'd "recommend" only upon giving the above reservations.

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