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  1. $74.00
    Womens NYPD Stryke Ripstop Short Sleeve Shirt
  2. $68.00
    Womens NYPD Stryke Twill Short Sleeve Shirt
  3. $85.00
    Womens NYPD Stryke Twill Long Sleeve Shirt
  4. $78.00
    Womens NYPD Stryke Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt
  5. $70.00
    Women's ABR Pro Shirt Long Sleeve
  6. $56.00
    Womens Class A Uniform Short Sleeve Polo
  7. $78.00
    Women's 5.11 Stryke™ Long Sleeve Shirt
  8. $55.00
    Women's Class A Fast-Tac® Twill Long Sleeve Shirt
  9. $72.00
    Women's 5.11 Stryke™ Short Sleeve Shirt
  10. $64.00
    Women’s Taclite® Pro Long Sleeve Shirt
  11. $65.00
    Women's Taclite® TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt
  12. $35.00
    Women’s Utility Short Sleeve Polo
  13. $50.00
    Women’s Professional Short Sleeve Polo
  14. $46.00
    Women’s Helios Short Sleeve Polo
  15. $65.00
    Women's Company Short Sleeve Shirt
  16. $70.00
    Women's Company Long-Sleeve Shirt
  17. $50.00
    Women’s Fast-Tac™ Short Sleeve Shirt
  18. $50.00
    Women's Fast-Tac™ Long Sleeve Shirt
  19. $60.00
    Women's Taclite® TDU® Short Sleeve Shirt
  20. $60.00
    Women's Twill PDU® Class A Short Sleeve Shirt
  21. $65.00
    Women's Twill PDU® Class-A Long Sleeve Shirt
  22. $65.00
    Women's Taclite® PDU® Class A Long Sleeve Shirt
  23. $65.00
    Women’s Twill PDU® Class B Short Sleeve Shirt
  24. $70.00
    Women’s Twill PDU® Class B Long Sleeve Shirt
  25. $70.00
    Women’s Taclite® PDU® Class B Long Sleeve Shirt
  26. $65.00
    Women’s Taclite® PDU® Class B Short Sleeve Shirt
  27. $60.00
    Women's Taclite® PDU® Class A Short Sleeve Shirt
  28. Regular Price $26.00 Special Price $14.49
    Womens Always Ready Tee
  29. Regular Price $59.99 Special Price $29.49
    Cheyenne Flannel
  30. Regular Price $69.99 Special Price $19.49
    Hanna Flannel
  31. Regular Price $64.99 Special Price $16.49
    Women's Chambray Shirt
  32. Regular Price $59.99 Special Price $19.49
    Athena Top
  33. Regular Price $39.99 Special Price $14.49
    Freya Top
  34. Regular Price $56.99 Special Price $49.99
    Women's Taclite® PDU® Class B Long Sleeve Shirt
  35. Regular Price $44.99 Special Price $19.49
    Women's Corporate Pinnacle Polo
  36. Regular Price $229.99 Special Price $129.49
    Women's XPRT® Tactical Long Sleeve Shirt
  37. Regular Price $179.99 Special Price $89.49
    Women's XPRT® Rapid Shirt

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More About Women's Shirts

From base layers and performance tops to button-ups and women’s flannel shirts, 5.11 Tactical boasts an impressive selection of women’s shirts for all occasions.

Heading off into the woods on your latest outdoor adventure with your family? Browse our collection of long-sleeve flannel shirts. Choose from options like our Ruth Flannel which comes in classic, plaid patterns and a wide variety of sizes. Constructed of 100% cotton, it offers a soft, cozy feel – ideal for cool nights around the campfire.

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or just coming onto the job, we have a full selection of short- and long-sleeve women’s uniform shirts for fire, EMS, and law enforcement personnel. With durable construction and a Teflon™ finish for stain and soil resistance, our work shirts can take anything the rigors of your job have to throw at them.

Those precious days off call for maximum comfort and our ultra-comfy short- and long-sleeve t-shirts are the perfect choice. Designed to wick away moisture and leave you dry no matter what, our t-shirts provide an excellent fit and durability so you can rock your favorite tee for years to come. Make a bold statement and show off your personality with our Zero Ducks Given and Conquer or Be Conquered tees.

Look cute and feel great in one of our short-sleeve polos or dress tops. Make the transition from work to play with ease button-down tops made with 100% cotton Oxford fabric.

Don’t forget to think about the small things that make or break a shirt – pockets for instance. Whether a simple front, chest pocket will do, or you need a variety of pockets for your accessories and everyday carry items, we have a wide variety of women’s shirts that fit the bill.

5.11 offers a full range of women’s shirts that provide exactly what you need – from functionality and durability to high-quality construction, comfort, and style. We make the best for the best so that you can Always Be Ready.

And remember to pair your new shirt with the perfect complement in a pair or women’s pants, shorts, or new bag or backpack.

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