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  1. $65.00
    PT-R Kaia Capri
  2. $36.00
    PT-R Valentina Sports Bra
  3. $70.00
    PT-R Layla Tight
  4. $62.00
    PT-R Emily Full Zip
  5. $56.00
    PT-R Eliza Short
  6. $42.00
    PT-R Regina Tank 2.0
  7. $36.00
    PT-R Valentina Sports Bra
  8. $65.00
    PT-R Kaia Capri
  9. $32.00
    PT-R Women's Always Tee
  10. $70.00
    PT-R Layla Tight
  11. $52.00
    PT-R Catalyst 1/2 Zip
  12. $52.00
    Brooklyn Training 3.5" Short
  13. $42.00
    Holly Tank
  14. $70.00
    Amelia Tight
  15. $58.00
    Donna Hoodie
  16. $62.00
    PT-R Emily Full Zip
  17. $56.00
    PT-R Eliza Short
  18. $72.00
    Womens Stratos 1/4 Zip
  19. $75.00
    Margo Jogger
  20. $75.00
    Ashima Tight
  21. $70.00
    Amelia Tight
  22. $78.00
    Tessa 1/4 Zip
  23. $52.00
    Brooklyn Training 3.5" Short
  24. $75.00
    Ashima Tight
  25. $75.00
    Margo Jogger
  26. $70.00
    Amelia Tight
  27. $80.00
    Selma Full Zip
  28. $84.00
    Tessa Full Zip
  29. Regular Price $26.00 Special Price $14.49
    Womens Club Ruck Tee
  30. Regular Price $26.00 Special Price $14.49
    Womens Always Ready Tee

30 Items

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More About Women's Training

Outfit yourself from head to toe in the latest styles of women’s training clothes and workout apparel from 5.11 Tactical. Keep cool and dry with lightweight, moisture-wicking shorts, tees, and pullovers. Physical Training Ready (PT-R) means the workout and the grind doesn’t stop, even when you’re not at the gym. Training opportunities present themselves anywhere and everywhere, which is why you dress to stay ready. You want training clothes that move with your body, not against it, and that help keep you cool and wick away moisture.

Whether you are embarking on a mountain hike, tackling an obstacle course, or resistance training in the gym, you need workout clothes that can hold up with your vigorous routines. You need apparel that is durable, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable to wear.

We mentioned head to toe and that’s because our full line of women’s training clothes includes hats, socks, shoes, and backpacks to keep your gear organized. Looking to take your workouts to the next level? Up the intensity with a PT-R weight kit or one of our plate carriers and vests.

Our women’s fitness apparel comes in a wide selection of sizes and colors, including pinks and blues, as well as tan, grey, and MultiCam.

Show off your style and always be Physical Training Ready with women’s training clothes from 5.11 Tactical.

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