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Style# 12341

XPRT® 2.0 8" BOOT

Average rating of 70%
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Purpose Built

XPRT® 2.0 Boots combine the best features of high-performance European hiking boots with elite tactical boots, features such as a padded neoprene ankle, durable ripstop nylon frame, a BI-FIT insole that provides lightweight, sturdy comfort, and an eVent® membrane which makes the boots waterproof and breathable.

Like a European hiking boot, XPRT® 2.0 Boots run narrower than other 5.11® Boots. If you are a "D" or wider, we suggest ordering a Wide. The durable construction of these boots means you'll also want a few days of break-in before you deploy on your next operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Elite tactical boot with hiking boot features
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable


  • Padded neoprene ankle
  • Ripstop nylon frame
  • 5.11® Kick Toe
  • Full-length BI-FIT insole
  • PU midsole with nylon shank
  • eVent® waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Waterproof nubuck, suede, and HELCOR® leather
  • Ghillie lacing
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3.5 average rating

(based on 2 reviews)

70 %

Solid boots starting out, but lacking in endurance.

 Rated 2.0 stars

From Colin


When I first bought these, I was pretty pumped. After five years in the military, I'm pretty attached to the support and comfort of combat boots, but I don't like the attention that the traditional styles draw. These seemed to be the solution; the XPRT quality I loved, but with the appearance of hiking boots. I have had the XPRT 2.0 boots for two years now.

First some important background: I have a pair of both the tan and black original XPRT boots. They are still holding up (the tan pair has been in use for 8 years!), and about all I've had to do is oil the leather occasionally and replace the insoles once. Two years of harbor patrol on non-skid decks and constant salt water exposure for the tan, two years of foot patrol in brush over rocky terrain for the black. Now I use them whenever I'm going to be doing something that will be particularly abusive, because I don't want to severely damage the XPRT 2.0 pair. This is important to keep in mind for what is to come.

Now, the good: The soles of the XPRT 2.0 boots are outstanding, just as they were on the original XPRT boots. While there is the normal wear one would expect after two years, the soles have no signs of tearing I have been able to find. The grommets and lacing loops at the top hold up very well, although the latter lost most of their paint in the first year (not a big deal).

They have been through two years of wear, and not particularly aggressive wear at that; the worst they've experienced has been a rather clean machine shop at a community college. Alas, that was enough to do it. The nylon on the sides and on top just above the toe get cut if you look at them wrong; very little protection there. Given that the boots haven't been through anything particularly rough, I'm a bit perturbed they got cut up that easily.

More troubling is what has happened with the leather. I have been oiling and conditioning the leather the same way as with the original XPRT boots, however despite my care the leather has torn about an inch long right where it joins the sole on one boot. A complete tear, from regular wear. There were no nicks, cuts, etc where it happened. So much for the waterproof part of the boots.

I love 5.11 products, and will certainly be buying their stuff in the future, but I am very disappointed with the longevity of the XPRT 2.0 boots, especially given their price tag.

Tough ass boots!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Don


I work on the railroad and do tons of walking, miles a day most days, and its always on unstable ballast or in the mud. These boots have great support for walking on uneven terrain! I never roll my ankles like i do in the junk boots that my works provides...

The sole is very very good at gripping the rock and slippery surfaces (wet steel deck) of the locomotives and so far i havent gotten close to wearing out the tread of the sole.

The leather is tough and will take a beating, i always drag my toes on the rail or hit the sharp edges of the rail while crossing over tracks and ive never cut through the leather of the boot. Even resting my feet on the grab irons or cross walk of rail cars with extremely sharp edges. No problem for the Xprt boot.

I love these things. They meet and exceed the requirement for safety boots that i have to wear at work, last way longer, are lighter and look way better too.

I like these so much that i buy 2 pair (black and a brown pair) when i buy, over getting free crap boots from the railroad.

Wear them in for a few days before you do any long hikes and wear thick socks with them all the time.

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