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Style# 59355-WS

XPRT® HardTime Gauntlet Gloves

Average rating of 60%
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Purpose Built

The toughest glove in the 5.11 Tactical® arsenal, XPRT® HardTime Gauntlet Gloves provide unbeatable protection that stands up to the toughest and most hazardous mission environments.

Features & Benefits

  • 5.11®'s maximum impact protection
  • Heavy duty hard knuckle and finger protection
  • Duraclad®-reinforced palm and grip area


  • Kevlar® flame and slash resistant knit fabric construction
  • TacticalTouch™ precision grip fingertips
  • Three cuff stretch zones for comfort
  • Goatskin palm, fingers, and knuckles
  • Reinforced finger joints
  • Full gauntlet length
  • Secure hook and loop closure
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3 average rating

(based on 3 reviews)

60 %

Complete Disappointment

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Coral

from Greensboro, NC

I created an account specifically for writing this review. These gloves are supposed to 'provide unbeatable protection that stands up to the toughest and most hazardous mission environments.' I ordered them for use at Academi. However I used them for laying bricks for my new driveway. After about 8 hours of work, the gloves literally came apart at the seams. Currently there are two quarter-sized holes at each of the thumbs. The index and middle fingers are separating at the seams. Finally on the left glove the kevlar is separataing from the glove. I have pictures to document this;however, I only can upload two. These fell apart faster than 5 dollar work gloves at Home Depot, yet cost 22 times the amount.

Otherwise the gloves fit perfectly. Aside from the complete lack of durability, they worked great and I would get a pair if the issue was fixed.

Good, but may need some improvement.

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Matt

from CT

I have only had these gloves about 2 weeks but, overall, so far, I rate these gloves as good. They fit mostly very well, feel very durable, and have a pretty good grip on most surfaces. My primary use is for when I ride (motorcycle) but I have used them shooting, and will be using them for general purpose wear/driving as the weather cools.

The major con with these gloves is the lack of proper fit in two key areas. 1 is the thumb. The thumb is too long on each hand making it impossible to manipulate all but the biggest things. Even doing snaps or using a zipper is challenging because of the thumb. All other fingers fit properly and the glove fits very snuggly across my hand so it should not be an improper size issue. In addition I used the sizing chart before buying. Place number 2 is between the index finger and middle finger on both hands. It feels like the seam at the webbing between each finger is much lower than the other fingers. The result is the seam digs and cuts into the webbing between the fingers. This is tolerable for short lengths of time but after about an hour (or less) of wear my fingers were sore and the webbing between them was beat red and very tender.

I hate to say it because I am a big supporter of 5.11 products, the belt, pouches, and boots I have are phenominal, but in this case I think this product needs a little development. I have a similar pair of Condor glvoes that have worn out after about 1 year of use but fit perfectly from day 1. They use a numbered sizing system as opposed to the general Small, Medium, etc. which I think helps fit in between sizes much more effectively. At more than double what I paid for the Condor gloves, I was expecting the 5.11 gloves to fit well, like a glove.

Overall because of the not great fit and cost over another pair of Condor gloves I give these 3 stars. The saving grace is the heavy duty stiching and better construction that provides much greater durability over the Condor glvoes. To me 3 stars is good still, it is basically satisfied, but not blown away.

Best Motorcycle gloves!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Chris

from Orange County, CA

Great set of gloves, fit true to their size chart! Very comfortable on long rides, has tons of grip and doesn't slide around. Knuckle protector is flexible so its more comfy on longer rides. My only gripe is near the Velcro it tends to bunch up under my jacket some, but not enough to be a problem.

Other things to note, they feel SOLID, they don't feel like if you did crash they would slide off or rip in any way. They block the wind excellent as well but breathe enough not to make your hands sweaty.

Another great 5.11 product!

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