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No matter the season, rain's relentless certainty reminds us of nature's dynamic embrace, making waterproof boots a must for staying dry.

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As a professional, your job likely requires you to be on your feet for extended periods of time, often navigating difficult terrain. When it comes to footwear, you look for function, performance, durability and reliability, as well as protection. You need footwear that can keep up with you and the demands of the job. 
Tactical Boots and Footwear
Our footwear and work boots will exceed your expectations and provide the qualities you need to perform at a high level. Our wide selection of shoes, boots, and footwear offer features designed to enhance performance, protect your feet and provide much-needed ankle support. Tactical boots come in several heights, including 6”, 8” and 10”. Choose from either lace-up or side-zipper boots, which offer easy-on, easy-off convenience.
Discover our 5.11 A/T™ Series, featuring 5.11’s All Terrain Load Assistance System (A.T.L.A.S.), which was designed to operate with your “work weight,” allowing you to easily carry heavyweight over the course of a long shift. Our selection of footwear includes features such as water-resistant leather, high-traction outsoles, and foam cushioning for ultra-comfort. And in the spirit of how we live our lives – always be ready – we feature knife pocket ready boots, ideal for difficult or dangerous situations when preparedness is everything and time is of the essence.
Your job may require extra protection for your feet. If so, look for footwear with added puncture resistance, as well as a blood-born pathogen resistant membrane and lining.
Whether for work, training, the range, or even everyday casual sneakers, you’ll discover the perfect footwear to enhance your performance and keep you comfortable in even the toughest environments and situations.

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