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More About Women's Base Layers

Getting ready for a tactical mission or outdoor adventure starts with choosing the right clothing. At 5.11, we take base layers seriously, and our Women's Base Layers are designed to offer you comfort, performance, and versatility in any situation.

An Essential Building Block
The base layer is the most important layer you will wear, as it has one vital function – to keep you warm even if you are sweating. Because that perspiration will turn to a cold layer and risk a drop in body temperature, which under tough circumstances could be a threat to your life. For this reason, the base layer must be moisture-wicking and at the same give you warmth, even when the garment is wet. 

5.11 Women's Base Layers will deliver:

  • A truly comfortable next-to-skin layer: Flat lock seams and heat-pressed labels will provide you with unparalleled comfort when pushing through a gruelling hike. 5.11 Women's Base Layers will get the job done, without you even noticing they are there.
  • Moisture control: As the cornerstone of effective layering the base layer will provide warmth and moisture control. A well-crafted base layer will wick sweat off your body and release excess heat to the next layer.
  • Purpose and Functionality: Choosing the right base layer for your activity is crucial for your success. When going for a long run –a poly-blend base layer will work just fine. On the other hand, if you are going on a long hike – choose a merino wool base layer. And always – avoid cotton.
  • Mission-Ready base layers: Engineered to excel in both professional and outdoor settings, our base layers provide the adaptability you require, no matter the mission.

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