Best Summer Tactical Pants for Hot Weather

What to look for in tactical pants for hot summer weather

Your tactical pants for hot weather need to keep you comfortable so you can get the job done, even in brutal climates. The catch: they must be breathable, functional and keep you low-profile. When you’re choosing the best tactical pants for hot weather, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Materials matter
  • More pockets mean more gear
  • Features like kneepad-readiness can be incredibly useful
  • You need the right fit
  • Colors are important

Best Materials for Tactical Pants

Men’s and women’s tactical pants are available in a wide range of materials, and some will keep you cooler, more flexible and more comfortable than others will. Ideally, you’ll want pants made from lightweight TACLITE® ripstop fabric or 100 percent polyester Fast-Tac™ fabric, which can keep you comfortable and ensure your pants don’t develop out-of-control tears.

Check out these summer tactical pants for hot weather:

  • Taclite® Pro Pants: Taclite Pro pants are made from ripstop fabric and feature an action waistband. With eight pockets, including strap-and-slash seat pockets, these pants are internal kneepad-ready and feature bartacking at major seams and stress points, so they can keep up with you while you work or play.
  • Women’s Taclite Pro Pants: These always-ready pants offer many of the same features that their designed-for-men counterparts do. With triple-stitching, roomy pockets and a hip-mounted D-ring, these Teflon®-finished pants keep looking new while you’re hard at work or diving headfirst into weekend recreation.
  • Fast-Tac Cargo Pants: Fast-Tac Cargo Pants are expertly engineered for everyday wear in hot climates. Featuring dual magazine pockets at the back yoke and cargo pockets with side bellows for extra capacity, these are the pants you need when the mission demands you give it your best.
  • Fast-Tac Urban Pants: These flexible, versatile and incredibly lightweight five-pocket pants have a water-resistant finish to help keep you comfortable, and they come with a self-adjusting waistband with seven loops so you can breathe easy.
  • Fast-Tac TDU™ Pants: Perfect for duty uniforms, these ripstop pants have reinforced pockets that are double-stitched for heavy-duty carrying capabilities. The leg openings feature removable draw cords, and they’re internal kneepad-ready so you can train and work effectively. All the extra pockets are sized for tactical use, so you can carry all your mission essentials when you’re on the go.

Zeroing in on Functional Features

Cargo pants for men and women are going to give you the most pocket space, while the chances of tactical training pants and tights providing any pockets at all are slim. If you’re looking for a happy medium, choose everyday work pants with five pockets.

There are other features to look for when you’re choosing summer tactical pants, including:

  • Kneepad-ready construction
  • Hook and loop closures on pockets
  • Gussets for more flexibility

How to Choose the Right Color Tactical Pants for Summer

If your unit, company or organization doesn’t have an SOP that dictates what colors you can choose, consider the following:

  • Black pants will attract and hold more heat, but they can keep you low-vis.
  • Khaki pants can reflect heat, and they’re perfect for a more casual look.
  • Greens, blues and other earthy shades help you maintain a professional look, but they can be warmer than khaki.

Your best bet is to find tactical pants made for hot-weather environments. They’ll be made from lightweight fabrics, regardless of color, and feature things like comfort waistbands that you can adjust based on the shirt, belt or holster you’re wearing.

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