5.11 Zero-G Plates™

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5.11 Zero-G Plates™ Details

Research-Driven Design:
Zero-G Plates distribute the load of duty equipment correctly by utilizing the body’s natural-weight bearing structure. Specifically, the Zero-G Plate positions the weight of your duty belt properly on your hip and through to your femur.

Promotes A Spine-Safe Posture:
Unlike the traditional front-load duty belt, which increases forward pressure on your lumbar spine and can prevent abdominal muscles from properly firing, Zero-G Plates promote correct posture through their ergonomic shape and precise application.

Zero-G Plates maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance with a minimal profile. Made from a non-reflective carbon-fiber material and overmolded for comfort, the plates are durable and easy to use. The inner face of the Zero-G plate features a large loop-sided panel that securely adheres to your inner hook-sided liner belt.

  • 5.11® Patented modular load bearing system
  • Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue
  • Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber
  • Combine with the 5.11® Sierra Bravo Duty Belt
  • Non-reflective
  • Overmolded on all side areas for comfort
  • Inner hook sided panel adheres to inner belt
  • Compatible with existing keepers
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