Mystery Gnome S4 Patch

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Mystery Gnome S4 Patch Details

Catch and collect all of the Series 4 Mystery Gnome patches in our latest blind patch series. Twelve Gnomes to create your own little horde or grow your existing patch collection. Patches are packed blind with odds ranging from 1-in-9 for most common patches to 1-in-100 for the elusive rare golden Gnome. With patches celebrating EOD, outdoorsmen, public safety officers, an alien chest-burster Gnome and more there’s something unique to be found.

  • Compatible with 5.11® apparel and bags
  • Hook-back adhesion
  • Easy on and off
  • Laser cut to size
  • Imported

Mystery Gnome S4 Patch Specs

Common - 1/9

  • Atmos Camo Gnome
  • Bomb Squad Gnome
  • ABR Statue Gnome
  • Decorated Vet Gnome
  • Duck Hunter Gnome
  • Charlie Don't Surf Gnome
  • Fly Fishing Gnome
  • Moto Cop Gnome
  • Elk Hunter Gnome

Rare - 1/25

  • Sniper Gnome
  • Chest Buster Gnome

Super Rare - 1/100

  • Mystery Gnome

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