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  1. AUD$8.99
    Hardpoint M2 Carabiner
  2. AUD$19.99
    EDT Hex
  3. AUD$9.99
    Hardpoint M1+ MD
  4. AUD$19.99
    EDT Rescue
  5. AUD$7.99
    Hardpoint MK1 Carabiner
  6. AUD$19.99
    EDT Pry
  7. AUD$9.99
    Hardpoint M3 Carabiner
  8. AUD$13.99
    Blood Type Patch Kit O Positive
  9. AUD$59.99
    Vlad Rescue Pen
  10. AUD$214.99
    Maverick Battle Belt
  11. AUD$13.99
    Blood Type Patch Kit A Positive
  12. AUD$24.99
    Stratos Beanie
  13. AUD$44.99
    Icarus DP Mini
  14. AUD$34.99
    Station Grip 2 Glove
  15. AUD$49.99
    TACLITE 3 Glove
  16. AUD$39.99
    TAC A3 Glove
  17. AUD$64.99
    Rope K9 Glove
  18. AUD$59.99
    RAPID PL 2AA Flashlight
  19. AUD$72.99
    Rapid L1 Flashlight
  20. AUD$34.99
    EDC PL 2AAA Flashlight
  21. AUD$29.99
    EDC PL 1AAA Flashlight
  22. AUD$89.99
    Hard Time Gloves
  23. AUD$16.00
    Always Bushido Patch
  24. AUD$23.99
    Base 1SF
  25. AUD$19.99
    Watch Cap
  26. AUD$16.00
    Release The Kraken Patch
  27. AUD$29.99
    5.11 MultiCam Trucker Cap
  28. AUD$44.99
    ESC Rescue Knife
  29. AUD$34.99
    Station Grip Gloves
  30. AUD$16.00
    Ship In Bottle Patch
  31. AUD$29.99
    Beer Can Trucker Cap
  32. AUD$29.99
    Purpose Built Trucker Cap
  33. AUD$29.99
    ESC Rescue Tool
  34. AUD$29.99
    Classic Script Cap
  35. AUD$179.99
    CFK7 Peacemaker
  36. AUD$39.99
    TAC A2 Gloves
  37. AUD$13.99
    Deep Space Patch
  38. AUD$29.99
    Five 11 Name Tape Cap
  39. AUD$199.99
    CFA Peacemaker Tomahawk
  40. AUD$17.99
    EDT Multitool
  41. AUD$13.99
    Black Friday Gnome
  42. AUD$29.99
    Duty Rain Cap
  43. AUD$13.99
    Topo Skull Desert Patch
  44. AUD$29.99
    Vent-Tac™ Hat
  45. Flag Bearer Cap
  46. AUD$24.99
    1.5" TDU® Low Pro Belt
  47. AUD$29.99
    MultiCam® Flag Bearer Cap
  48. AUD$13.99
    Headless Horseman Patch

Items 1-48 of 105

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In an effort to help you develop and adapt your tactical kit or duty uniform to changing hazards and environments, 5.11 Tactical Accessories give you the ability to change your loadout on the fly. From high powered flashlights and flashlight accessories to watches, knives, gloves, and slings, our wide array of tactical accessories are all designed with the operator in mind. Exacting craftsmanship, precision engineering, and our trademark attention to detail ensure superior utility and lasting durability on all our accessories and attachments. Don’t forget to check out our newly expanded line of tactical and morale patches that allow you to optimize and personalize all your 5.11 gear.