Warranty Information

General Warranty


Scope of Warranty

5.11, Inc. ("5.11") warrants each product sold by 5.11 or its authorised dealers ("Product") to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. 5.11 will warrant any manufacturing defects which arise in the first six months of owning the product.

Exclusions from Coverage

Excluded from coverage under this warranty are the following:
  • Products purchased other than from 5.11 or from an authorized 5.11 dealer.
  • Damage resulting from abuse or misuse.
  • Damage resulting from extended wear and tear.
  • Damage resulting from tampering or a customer modification.
  • Damage resulting from exposure to a caustic substance.
  • Damage resulting from mis-washing of products.  
  • Consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive, exemplary, and/or special damages.

This warranty is the exclusive warranty provided by 5.11 relating to the Product and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, 5.11 disclaims all other express or implied warranties.

What You Will Need to Do to Make a Claim

Bring the product back to the authorised dealer where it was purchased OR if purchased directly from the 5.11 website please email salesau@511tactical.com to submit a warranty claim.

In this email you are required to provide the following details:

  • A copy of your proof of purchase OR your original order number.
  • Tell us WHAT item you are claiming warranty on.
  • Tell us WHY you are claiming warranty.
  • A brief description of the problem and how it occurred must be included.
  • You MUST provide various IMAGES of the overall product and IMAGES clearly displaying the affected area.

In the event 5.11 requires the item to be returned for further inspection you will be notified.

If 5.11 determines that the Product is defective, 5.11 will advise the course of action. All determinations made by 5.11 will be within 5.11's sole discretion and will be final.

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